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05 Feb Valentine’s Day Beauty Favs

Welcome to the newest section of our blog— the much anticipated Beauty page.

Honestly we’re not sure why it’s taken us this long to dedicate an entire section of our content to all things beauty, since we both are completely obsessed with the world of self pampering, makeup, hair care, skin care, etc. But nonetheless here it is!

We figured we’d kick things off with our favorite beauty products for Valentine’s Day. We are by no means beauty gurus, but we do enjoy trying new makeup whether it’s from a drugstore or of a higher quality. Whether you have a Valentine or not, it’s always fun to be festive with pink, red, and mauve tones for this national holiday. Mel’s a sucker for all of the Valentine’s Day themed items at stores, but we’re both lovers of all of the Valentine’s Day themed makeup products that come out annually every February. Below are links to our top picks for this month/holiday & why we picked them!

  1. Modern Renaissance Palette – Ever since this beauty came out we have been OBSESSED with the color palette. The warm tones mixed in with the chocolatey brown ones in this color scheme makes it very gorgeous for all different types of skin tones. You can make tons of different looks with this. Mel’s fav look (which has become almost an everyday look as well) is a warm smokey eye with “realgar” in her crease, while Bri’s is definitely “buon fresco.”
  2. Nars Lipstick in the shade “Cruising” – This is such a great sheer nude if you’re not a huge fan of the whole matte lipstick trend going on right now. This pick is almost comparable to a chapstick, that’s how insanely moisturizing and creamy it is.
  3. Urban Decay Moon Dust Eye shadow in “Space Cowboy” – If you’re looking for some insane glitter for fun nights out and about, this will be your favorite eyeshadow. 
  4. Roller ball Fragrance “Flowerbomb” by Viktor & Rolf – Bri bought this for Mel for her birthday in January (THX BFF) and it is Mel’s all time favorite fragrance and by far the one with the most compliments from other people! It’s a gorgeous sophisticated floral scent that lasts all day
  5. Too Faced “Better than Sex” Mascara – Okay not sure about the title here, buuuuut it’s better than most mascaras hahaha. It gives you serious length and it’s rich in black pigment so your eyelashes almost look like falsies. It’s on the pricier side for mascara, but nothing too crazy.
  6. Toning Water by Balm Skincare -We stumbled upon this adorable little skincare company via Instagram one day & fell in love with their mission, ingredients, and packaging! This toning water is perfect for fresh skin. Its witch hazel, lemon, and apple cider vinegar ingredients help reduce acne and the chamomile and rose assist with irritation. 
  7. Charcoal and Honey Facial Cleanser by Balm Skincare  – This facial cleanser has charcoal to absorb excess oil and honey to help nourish and naturally moisturize the skin. 
  8. Facial Cream by Balm Skincare – Talk about soft skin! This cocoa smelling moisturizer keeps your skin healthy and smooth making it definitely a bathroom necessity. 

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, we hope you all have a fabulous February and like our first beauty picks!

XO, Outfit Crush // Bri & Mel


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