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21 Sep Two Feathers x Outfit Crush

Outfit Crushes: black pajama cardigan- Two Feathers, cream lace up long sleeve- Two Feathers, striped blouse dress- Two Feathers

Happy Thursday babes! Mel & I want to share a new up & coming company with you called Two Feathers. To start you guys already know how much we love supporting domestic businesses.. & this adorable shop is based out of California. To follow up I’m going to share some of the things I love about the clothing: 






  1. The style is chic, classic, & timeless

This bullet point pretty much speaks for itself. When checking out the company you will realize most, if not all, of the color choices are limited to neutrals. The fabric and pattern choices are classic and timeless. You’ll see blacks, whites, and grays with maybe a pin stripe, lace, or tie detailing. This is great because when you’re purchasing these higher quality items you’ll know they won’t be out of style next season. 

       2. The pieces are staple necessities & versatile in function 

As you can probably tell from the variety of outfits I chose, these pieces are extremely versatile. My favorite piece I wore probably has to be the black pajama jacket. It could be worn to almost anything from a day at work to a night out with friends. 

       3. The quality is great 

My philosophy is when spending a little bit more than what you usually would, it only makes sense when two things are true. 1) You’ll wear the pieces enough to get your money’s worth 2) The price reflects the quality. As far as this company goes, 1) check 2) check. 

Do us a favor and check out this brand at www.twofeathers.co and have an amazing rest of your week! 



Outfit Crush // b.e. 



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