Outfit Crush | Shirt Layering & Urban Chic Looks. VAMP Official.
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23 Oct Shirt Layering & Urban Chic Looks. VAMP Official.

Outfit Crushes: double layered shirt- VAMP Official, purse- VAMP Official, head scarf- VAMP Official, sunnies- VAMP Official, mom jeans- Urban Outfitters (BDE), heels- fab’rik style

As you can see in the outfit credits, I’m loving VAMP as much as Mel. She’s been telling me I need to check out this boutique and I just got around to it this weekend. I was planning on going in just to check it out and ended up walking out with 5 items because they were too cute to resist! While I was in the store I got to meet the owner, Ellen, and she was so great. Right now she’s working open to close everyday.. if you stop in you’ll have to ask her the success story behind VAMP it’s pretty cool. 

In this post I’m trying out the double layered shirt trend because I’ve been seeing it more and more recently. I was originally hesitant about the trend, but it sure has been growing on me. I love these two layers in particular because it allows for a somewhat conservative, but also sexy look. Sometimes lace shirts are hard to wear because you never know what to wear under them, so this is a different alternative. This shirt is a little bit short so I decided to pair it with high waisted jeans to only reveal a small amount of skin if I lift up my arms. 

Columbus natives get down to the Short North to check it out!


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