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27 Sep She Has a Name

When Mel was ordering her regular iced mocha from the Roosevelt, she stumbled upon an amazing organization at the check out counter while she was waiting to hand the cashier her Visa. The green water color logo immediately caught her eye and the title, “She Has a Name” sparked some curiosity. We decided to look into the organization online and after reading we immediately had felt a connection.

She Has a Name is an organization that engages the Columbus community to focus their hearts on getting survivors of human trafficking back into society. Not only does this great organization help meet the urgent physical and emotional needs of these women, but they want them to be healed, transitioned, and thriving in their community.

One of the main ways She Has a Name transitions women back into the work place is through education and employment programs. These newly saved victims can receive education thanks to She Has a Name’s partnership with Harrison College and find work shortly after. Clean Turn & Shan Cleaning are just two of the groups She Has A Name partners with regarding job opportunities for victims. Clean Turn and Shan Cleaning are companies in Columbus that help all people with employment barriers find work. They are currently staffing over a dozen Columbus human trafficking survivors.

We would love to see as many of you help this cause as possible by either learning more about sex trafficking, volunteering to help, or buying a t-shirt to support the programs we mentioned above. Sex trafficking affects hundreds of thousands of people and is a larger problem than many people think. Our goal is to make a difference in this positive direction and you can help us and these women! They need you!

Learn more about sex trafficking: here 

Learn more about She Has a Name: here

Buy a t-shirt: here


XO, Outfit Crush // Bri & Mel 

(Photography: Megan Earley)

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