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19 Jul Porto, Portugal

8 hours in a bus later, I have finally arrived in Porto! The city is absolutely beautiful. I have visited a few other cities in Portugal, including the country’s capitol, and Porto has to be my favorite. I think the reason this city is one of my favorites is because:

1) When I visited Porto it was the night of the festival Sao Joao. Sao Joao is said to be one of the liveliest street festivals in Europe. Essentially all of the locals are selling bright colored, plastic hammers on the street for 1 Euro and EVERYONE buys one or two. As the night goes on strangers of all ages hit each other on the head with these little toys, drink lots of Porto wine, and dance to crazy music. It becomes a traditional festival of getting hammered… quite literally & figuratively. 

2) The town is full of cool places & stories. While touring Porto with a phenomenal tour guide, I found out some of the coolest things about the city inspired aspects of Harry Potter. JK Rowling lived in Porto during her divorce and mother’s death in the 90s. It has been told that while grieving she received many ideas for her novels around the city. For example: some of the trees came from a central park, the griffins from a fountain, and the capes from some local university students. Rowling also wrote many of her ideas down in one of the world’s most beautiful libraries called Livraria Lello. Tourists can visit Livraria Lello in Porto for 4 Euros. 

I’ll leave out the list of travel suggestions for this city because you won’t have any trouble finding the best things to do. Porto is tiny and centered around a river. My only suggestion is that if you do travel here you must take a tour of a Porto winery. The history behind Port wine is mind blowing and there’s not much like it. 

Next stop: IBIZA!

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e. 

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