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One Line Coffee Shop

19 Jul One Line Coffee Shop

Here comes another coffee post from yours truly… what can I say, LOCAL coffee shops are the key to my heart. You think I’m kidding.


One Line Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in Columbus, Ohio of all time. I’m almost kicking myself for even sharing it with you guys because I want to keep it a secret and enjoy my iced honey lattes all to myself. However, I’m feeling like spreading the love, so if you live in Columbus, or are stopping by the Short North area, be sure to stop in this adorable little shop.

One Line Coffee is self explanatory in the way that they truly do cut out the middle man and make it one straight line of sourcing. Their main mission is “…doing everything we can to ensure farmers and workers are treated well, and earn a livable wage. It means telling the stories of our coffees, connecting you to our farmers. And it means matching the passion of our farmers with our own passion for roasting.” If this doesn’t make you fall more in love with this place, I suggest ordering their iced (or hot) honey latte. It is my all time favorite drink to order from there, but if you’re not as adventurous, their regular batch coffee is warm & delicious as well. I promise, they never¬†disappoint.¬†



XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.


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