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19 Jul Porto, Portugal

8 hours in a bus later, I have finally arrived in Porto! The city is absolutely beautiful. I have visited a few other cities in Portugal, including the country’s capitol, and Porto has to be my favorite. I think the reason this city is one of my favorites is because:

1) When I visited Porto it was the night of the festival Sao Joao. Sao Joao is said to be one of the liveliest street festivals in Europe. Essentially all of the locals are selling bright colored, plastic hammers on the street for 1 Euro and EVERYONE buys one or two. As the night goes on strangers of all ages hit each other on the head with these little toys, drink lots of Porto wine, and dance to crazy music. It becomes a traditional festival of getting hammered… quite literally & figuratively. 

2) The town is full of cool places & stories. While touring Porto with a phenomenal tour guide, I found out some of the coolest things about the city inspired aspects of Harry Potter. JK Rowling lived in Porto during her divorce and mother’s death in the 90s. It has been told that while grieving she received many ideas for her novels around the city. For example: some of the trees came from a central park, the griffins from a fountain, and the capes from some local university students. Rowling also wrote many of her ideas down in one of the world’s most beautiful libraries called Livraria Lello. Tourists can visit Livraria Lello in Porto for 4 Euros. 

I’ll leave out the list of travel suggestions for this city because you won’t have any trouble finding the best things to do. Porto is tiny and centered around a river. My only suggestion is that if you do travel here you must take a tour of a Porto winery. The history behind Port wine is mind blowing and there’s not much like it. 

Next stop: IBIZA!

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e. 

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14 Jul Barcelona, Spain

Hey babes sorry I’m a bit delayed on posting about my travels, I’ve been so busy over here! On to weekend trip two: Barcelona! Barcelona is the third big city I have visited in Spain and it probably has to be my favorite so far (sorry Madrid, you’re pretty cool too). The city is absolutely gorgeous and the fact that it has an amazing beach right outside of it might have swayed my decision a little bit (a lot). I would definitely add “Barcelona” to anyone’s list of must see cities. 

There are so many places to go and things to see in Barcelona. The city is well known for La Sagrada Familia & Park Guell which both I’m sure you’ve heard of. Do I have any loyal 2000’s Cheetah Girl fans reading this? If any of you were crazy fan girls like me, you would probably know that Cheetah Girls 2 was filmed in Barcelona & the Strut music video in Park Guell. I highly recommend checking out the famous basilica & park because there’s honestly nothing like them anywhere else. Gaudi’s designs make both places simply indescribable. 

As far as other places to go, I would definitely check out: 

The Pier— where you go to see pretty boats & potentially try a water sport.. I’m always a proponent of jet skis 

Barceloneta Beach— this place is filled with restaurants & bars on the beach and is always lively. If you like to party this is the perfect place for you—the night really starts around 1 & people will be out until 6 am or so. Opium is a really fun discoteca located on Barceloneta beach. 

Las Ramblas— more restaurants & bars but shopping, shopping, shopping

Those are just a few suggestions, but if you go to Barcelona you won’t have any trouble finding fun things to do. There are so many guided tours and excursions available. Even just walking or biking around is tons of fun because the buildings are colorful and uniquely designed. I hit most of the city basics, but I would highly recommend checking out trip advisor for some more excursions if you travel here.


Next Stop: Porto & Lisbon, Portugal 

Talk soon!


Outfit Crush // b.e.


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30 May Seville, Spain

Bienvenido a Espana chicas (I’m so sorry it has to be virtually)! As some of you may know, this summer I’m interning for a fashion company called BraveSoul in Madrid, Spain. That being said I work during the day Monday-Friday and have the weekends to travel. Upon request, on the travel section of our blog I’m going to take you through the cities I visit starting with my first weekend trip to Seville, Spain.

Let me just start by saying I had quite an experience trying to get to Seville. My friends and I decided to save some money and get there by taking Blah Blah Car. If you haven’t heard of the company it’s essentially very similar to Uber but for long distance trips and very cheap prices. We got a round trip ticket for about 50 Euros which is pretty insane considering we booked our trip the night before and were traveling 4 hours across the country. The company and the idea behind Blah Blah car is wonderful, but unfortunately our driver ruined our experience. He showed up to our meeting place in Madrid over three hours late and dropped us off at the wrong location at our final destination. The point being— definitely try Blah Blah car for a cheap trip while in Europe, but check the driver’s ratings before booking and make sure to communicate exactly where you’re going to the driver.

5 hours of traveling later, we finally arrived in Seville. It was absolutely well worth the wait. Seville is a gorgeous town in Southern Spain with a pretty river running through the center. I didn’t get to spend too much time in this location so I didn’t get to do all of these things but here are some suggestions:

1. Skip the bus tours, rent a bike, & ride around the city.

2. If you’re feeling adventurous take a ride in a hot air balloon. Gloobo has great ratings and offers a half day ride for 175 Euro.

3. Check out the more historical sites the city is rich with them. If you’re into that kind of thing this place is perfect for you. Alcazar of Seville is my favorite, but type in “things to do in Seville” into google and you’ll get the whole list.

4. Shop on the street “Calle Sierpes”

5. Think about doing an olive oil tour and tasting at Sierra de Arecena.

6. Walk across the main city bridge to Triana. There is a cute market to visit and you can grab a bite to eat with a pretty view of the water.

7.Hop on a boat or take a kayak out on the Guadalquivir River.

8. At night grab a drink at Bar Panoramico La Terrazzo de EME to get a beautiful view of the city and afterwards stop into the bar MKC. We had a great time there and the drinks were cheap. Once you’re at MKC you’ll be in a great area for other bars. Just a heads up to the younger readers some of the bars are 26+.


XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.


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27 Mar In New York, New York

It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy living in New York, and especially New York City. You have to be patient with large amounts of people and able to function in a fast paced environment. I love visiting the city because of the experience. It’s always nice to experience a different life style and people watch in a place like that. I honestly really enjoy venturing around the city because I feel like every time I go, I discover something new. This time around I got to go with some of my favorite people- my mom, my little sister, and a family friend who is like an Aunt to me. Who doesn’t like a weekend girls trip getaway to NYC?!

Some of the highlights of my trip included good food, historical landmarks, shopping (of course), and adventuring.

Erika- (my baby sis) is a big foodie, so it’s always fun trying new food places with her. We stayed at the La Quinta Inn on Korea Way, so the entire strip was full of Korean culture. We got dinner (and lunch the next day because it was that delicious) at Shanghai Mong. The staff was so friendly and helpful with reading the menu and answering any questions we had. We ended up loading up on Pho, veggie spring rolls, and veggie dumplings. I would highly recommend this place if you’re looking to try something new! Right before we left, we decided to grab some milk tea from Kung Fu Tea, which I probably inhaled in a matter of 5 minutes. I also enjoyed shopping in the Korean beauty shops. Their packaging is to die for! I definitely grabbed a bunny lipgloss or two…

I finally got the chance to check out the 9/11 memorial and it is 100% worth the money to see. For someone who was very young when the horrific incident happened, it was an extremely educational exhibit. The two waterfalls that are built in remembrance are absolutely breathtaking and saddening at the same time. *If you present your student I.D. you can get a pretty nice discount on tickets to the museum!!*

Shopping of course is always fun for me. I love hitting up Mango, Zara, and Top Shop because I usually only get to shop those places online because we don’t have any here in Columbus. If you followed me along on my Instagram story, you already know I did some damage.. HAHA stay tuned because I’ll be styling those pieces on my Instagram and future blog posts. If you guys have any recommendations for when I go back, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I would love to try even more things on my next trip.

XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.


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06 Jul In Los Angeles, California

1. Sunset Boulevard Strip

 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

The Comedy Store

8433 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Sunset Boulevard is the place to go for food, shopping, and entertainment. The comedy store is one of my favorites, where they house the best comedians in the country. I got to see the trending comedian on Netflix, Ali Wong. Go see her in person if you have the chance!  

2. Abbott Kinney Boulevard 

Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90291

My absolute favorite place to go in LA. Abbott Kinney is a strip of adorable boutiques and restaurants. My favorites are listed below!


1661 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291


Urban Outdoor Living

1650 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291



1348 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Happy Socks

1420 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291


Urbanic Paper Boutique

1644 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291


3. Malibu Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA 90265

4. Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90035


(Photo: Rodeo Drive Shopping)

I’m sure you’ve heard of Rodeo Drive, it has the highest end places to shop. If you don’t see a celebrity walking or a buggati driving around, you didn’t stay long enough. 

5. Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027


Take a hike at Griffith Park if you want the greatest view of the Hollywood sign. Did you really visit LA without leaving with a picture of it?!

6. Venice Beach 

Venice Beach, Venice, CA 90291


(Photo: Huffington Post)

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

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06 Jul In Ocean City, Maryland

1. The Boardwalk

Walking The Boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland is my absolute favorite way to end my days after being at the beach all afternoon. The strip goes approximately 34 blocks lining up tons of souvenir shops, tiny restaurants, and fair food. At the end of the strip is a lovely little carnival that has numerous rides and tons of games to play with friends and family. I’m too much of a chicken to get on any rides, but I do enjoy shopping and getting some of my favorite sweet treat- cotton candy

2. Jonah & The Whale Buffet

26th Street & the Boardwalk Ocean City, MD 21842

If you’re in the mood for some fresh seafood and an “all you can eat” buffet, this is the place to go. Food critics have traveled around the world to eat at this restaurant, so it’s a must see if you’re in the area!

3. K Coast Surf Shop

3505 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842 


This particular surf shop is directly parallel from the Boardwalk. I love to shop in here because they carry every Summer essential you can think of– from skin care, clothing, shoes, surf board equipment, etc. There is also a cute little sandwich shop attached to it, which has the absolute BEST black berry lemonade. 

4. Ish Boutique 

3408 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842


Ish Boutique is the most adorable little boutique with tons of beach inspired items. They carry trendy clothes, colorful jewelry, and ocean themed home decor. I make it a point to stop in every year that I visit Ocean City because of how lovely this boutique really is.

5. Little Tokyo Buffet

13101 Coastal Highway Ocean City MD 21842

Of course I’m listing another seafood buffet as a “must experience” because you truly get your money’s worth when dining at this restaurant. The seafood is extremely fresh and well prepared and they also serve Chinese food to cater to those who aren’t particularly a fan of seafood. The food items seem endless, so I would highly advise stopping by with an empty stomach after a long day of playing in the ocean.

6. Quiet Storm Surf Shop

1st North Division Street, Ocean City, MD 21842

Quiet Storm is Ocean City’s largest surf shop in the area, as it is two stories tall. This is actually one of my favorite shops to peek around in because they carry brands like Roxy, Vintage Havana, and Billabong that aren’t as easy to come by in Columbus. Every time I go inside I leave with at least one thing!

7. Jolly Roger Amusement Park

30th Street & Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

This amusement park is intended for a younger age group, but is still fun to hang out at if you’re on a  family location. They have smaller rides along with putt putt & other carnival games.

8. Dumser’s Drive-In

Hands down the best ice cream shop in Ocean City! If you’re not stopping by for food, you absolutely have to try their ice cream. It’ll put your local ice cream shop to shame.

9. The Candy Kitchen

There are multiple locations all over The Boardwalk

Sweet tooth? The name of this place describes itself.  They have every candy you could ever even imagine in this store. There’s nothing like this place in my hometown of Columbus, OH. It smells amazing even from 20 feet outside the store. I swear by their chocolate raspberry fudge.  

XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.

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06 Jul In Pheonix, Arizona

1. Pinnacle Peak Hiking Trail

6802 N. 102nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 852622

Pinnacle Peak’s trails are moderately easy with just a slight incline which makes it a great place to chat  while getting some exercise in. I would definitely recommend a morning hike because Arizona can get pretty toasty especially with increased elevation!

2. Old Town Scottsdale

4101 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (Approx. area)

Take your friends and family to Old Town! Old town is located in downtown Scottsdale and is full of cute souvenir shops, bars, and restaurants. I can never make a visit without eating at Bandara’s in Old Scottsdale. 

   –  Bandara Restaurant

     3821 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 852513

Must eats: 

1. Dip Duo or Skillet Corn Bread

2. Wood-fired Rotisserie Chicken with Hand Cut Shoestring French Fries

3. House-made Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

3. Camelback Mountain

5701 N Echo Canyon Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85018

In addition to Pinnacle Peak, Camelback is also a great hike. This mountain earns it’s name as it’s “humps” can be seen from all over Phoenix and surrounding suburbs in the area.

4. Phoenix Skydiving 

3860 N Pinal Ave, Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Okay you adrenaline seekers this one is for you! Why skydive anywhere but the desert? Here’s your opportunity! Don’t worry about experience or safety, Phoenix Skydiving is top rated.  

5. Arizona Outdoor Fun Adventures ATV Riding

4400 North Scottsdale Rd, Unit 9-804,Scottsdale, AZ 852513

Venture to this top rated excursion and you won’t regret it! What’s cooler than touring the desert while riding your very own ATV? 

6. Grimaldi’s Pizza

20715 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 852554

Three words: Delicious, delicious, oh and um delicious. Nothing can top Grimaldi’s oven fired pizza. It is the best pizza I’ve ever had and usually find myself there two or three times per visit (WAH, come to Columbus)!!! PS, the pesto sauce is my favorite. 

7. Fashion Square Mall 

6802 N. 102nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 852622

If you love to shop ’til you drop, go here. With it’s stores seeming to be on a million levels you’ll spend all day here. 

8. Salt River Rafting

6826 East Edgemont Ave, Scottsdale, AZ

Okay one last adventure because it’s VACATION! Go go go rafting on the Salt River. The scenery is indescribable, but the fun is irreplaceable. 

Xo, Outfit Crush // b.e.


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