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Style Guide

09 Aug Warm-toned Neutrals & Transitioning into Fall

Outfit Crushes: beige tank top – Fab’rik, nude bralette – Fab’rik, ripped jeans – Mother, beige heels – Fab’rik, suede choker – Fab’rik.

Can we talk about how obsessed I am with this new brand I discovered called Fab’rik?! If you haven’t noticed already, 80% of this outfit is specifically from their Easton Town Center location, which is super convenient if you are a 614 Native because it is the only one in Ohio! So if you’re in the Columbus location, be sure to stop in their adorable shop located at 4191 Worth Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43219.

If you’re a college student like Bri & I, or you’re simply wanting a super trendy closet without breaking your bank, Fab’rik is without a doubt going to become your new favorite store. Each individual item in this outfit was under $40! They have a huge sale going on right now too, so you can find tons of cute clothes for only $10, which is unheard of in the Easton area.


(This look is in collaboration with Fab’rik)

Warm toned neutrals are one of my absolute favorite ways to transition my Summer clothes into the Fall. This simple beige tank can be taken to the next level just by adding a lace bralette underneath to show some hidden details, or a trendy choker like I did here (seriously Outfit Crushing on this suede choker *insert emoji with heart eyes*). I decided to style this look by throwing on one of my favorite pairs of light wash jeans, so that way it still makes the look super Summery.


Finally, I finished this look by throwing on these gorgeous cut out heels from Fab’rik. The beige color created some unity between the tank top and jeans, so I figured it would be a nice touch especially for going out and about during the evening.


I hope you’re excited as I am about discovering this adorable & affordable brand, so I will leave their links below. The Columbus Fab’rik’s Instagram is @fabrikeaston, so check that out as well.

Stop into the Easton location & mention Outfit Crush to get 15% off your entire purchase 🙂 super easy!

XO, Outfit Crush //  m.m.

clickable links:

Fab’rik website here

beige tank here

nude bralette here

similar suede choker here

similar Mother jeans here

beige heels here

(photography: Austin Yochus)

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09 Aug Two Piece Outfits & Chic Detailing

Outfit Crushes: Two piece set- Romwe, bralette – Fab’rik.


(This look is in collaboration with Romwe)

Today I am featuring my very first two piece outfit! Considering that this was going to be my first set and that I didn’t get to try it on, I was hesitant about selecting it but ended up very pleased. I was very impressed by the intricate detailing around the edges of the halter top and shorts. I think white floral lace adds a dressier and chic flare to the outfit. The inside is also lined, which is an added bonus. 


I love how the front and the back of the top are very open, but that calls for the right type of undergarments. I decided to wear a nude lace bralette because I think the colors compliment each other without taking away too much focus from the piece I am featuring.

Romwe is having a huge sale right now with markdowns up to 80% off. You can checkout the website or click the direct link to this look here

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

clickable links:

two piece here

bralette here

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04 Aug T-shirt Dresses & Subtle Frills

Outfit Crushes: black t-shirt dress – Shein, black booties – JustFab.


(this look is in collaboration with She Inside)

Whoever created the original t-shirt dress deserves a huge hug and pat on the back because I don’t think I could live without at least one t-shirt dress in my closet. They are the perfect thing to throw on when you’re having one of those “I literally have nothing to wear and I want to look cute” days. It takes you one simple step to throw the dress over your head and you’re on your way out the door. 

This particular t-shirt dress has a black base to it, but the frilled finish at the bottom gives it a feminine and flirty look. It also makes it a little bit easier to dress it up and transition from day to night. I’m also loving the price of this dress, as it is on SALE for $15.39 at shein.com. It’s ridiculously affordable, especially for the quality of the two fabrics used. Not to mention, these kinds of affordable, yet super stylish dresses are perfect for back to school wardrobe shopping. They also have a red & white, and grey & white option for this dress if you’re not feelin’ the black.


Here I decided to style my dress with some edgy black booties from JustFab because I was headed out for the evening and wanted something comfortable, but also a bit dressy.

Happy shopping!

Outfit Crush //  m.m.

clickable links:

t-shirt dress here

similar booties here

(photography: Austin Yochus)


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28 Jul Suede Tops & High-Low Fashion

Outfit Crushes: Lavender Top- Fab’rik, White Bralette-Fab’rik, White Jeans- Paige, Purple heels- Von Maur


Hey cuties, thanks for reading! Today I’m featruing a top from a store I have just recently discovered. Fab’rik just moved to my local mall (for you Columbus readers it has opened up at Easton Town Center!) and I’m loving it. Fab’rik features high quality clothing at affordable prices–everything in the store is under $100! I went in with the intent of “just checking it out” and walked out with the top and bralette featured and an adorable pair of shoes for just $10 that will be on the blog soon. 

When I saw the lavender beauty pictured above, I fell in love. From the high-low style to the suede fabric to the pastel color.. I knew I had to get it. I checked the price tag expecting it to be marked up and was pleasantly surprised to see it on sale for $20! I find that the high-low style makes pairing pants easy because the back-end flaws you usually don’t like are covered. I paired it with white jeans for a dressy and classy look but so many other pant styles will work just as well.

I really love the style, detailing, and fabric that Fab’rik has to offer. This article was only my first favorite, so don’t worry more features from this boutique are to come. 

Check out Fab’rik:

In CBUS: 4191 Worth Avenue, Columbus OH, 43219

Online: www.fabrikstyle.com



Outfit Crush– b.e.

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16 Jul Classic Patterns & Lengthening Looks

Outfit Crush: Striped romper- She Inside 


(This look is in collaboration with She Inside)

Don’t you hate when you’re shopping online and the outfit you order comes and it fits nothing like the picture?! Same here… So I was PUMPED when this jump suit came in the mail and fit me even better than I expected!

This piece is surprisingly the first jumpsuit I have purchased because I’ve always been nervous about how they would fit me (I’m pretty curvy and only 5’4). I’m so happy to say that it is one of my favorite pieces to wear now and that I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone. 

The black and white stripes make a very classic look and the vertical pattern of the outfit almost seems to be an illusion to make you look taller. I make sure to wear wedges or heels to add a little extra height as well. This look can be accessorized well with jewelry, I may add a simple touch of pearls next time to pull the classic look together. 


This jumpsuit is on sale here



Outfit Crush // b.e.



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10 Jul Strappy Sandals & Floral Details

Outfit Crushes: romper – Romwe, sandals – Bakers.


(this look is in collaboration with Romwe.com)

Rompers are like dresses in the way that they make it look like you tried really hard to make your outfit look good, but in reality it was quick and effortless. I’m currently obsessing over this gorgeous floral printed romper from Romwe. Summer is the only time of year that I find myself gravitating towards vibrant prints, so when I saw this romper on their website, I knew I had to have it! 

The white base gives it a fresh look, while the large red flowers and smaller blue leaves make this particular print perfect for a day out and about. Romwe also has tons of other beautifully printed rompers, dresses, and two piece sets that I will probably be shopping for the rest of the Summer. I will link their website below.

Since the romper is so bold, I decided to style it with my favorite pair of strappy tan sandals. 

Happy shopping!

Outfit Crush //  m.m. 

clickable links:

romper here

similar sandals here


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29 Jun Summer Sweaters & Lace Bralettes

Outfit Crushes: sweater – Vintage Havana, bralette – Urban Outfitters, shorts – Old Navy.


I feel like my style always turns slightly bohemian each Summer due to the raw edges on garments, washed out pastels, and faded prints. I recently discovered a brand called Vintage Havana at a boutique I wandered into, while on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. Fortunately, they do have an online website as well, which I will link below. 

I love the raw hems on this sweater and how light weight it is. It makes it the ideal sweater for those cool Summer nights. I decided to style mine with a lace bralette and some white denim shorts.


Bralettes are definitely an OC for me because they have somehow made it socially acceptable to show your bra in public, which is pretty convenient for those shirts that no bras seem to cooperate with. Not to mention how incredibly comfortable they are. Urban Outfitters carries some of my favorite styles of bralettes, but I will link some of my other favorites down below as well.

Have a great evening everyone!

XO, Outfit Crush //  m.m.

clickable links:

similar sweater here

bralette here

denim shorts here

bralette OC #1 here

bralette OC #2 here



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27 Jun Wavy Hair & Wedges

Outfit Crushes: tank – Anthropologie, shorts – Forever 21, wedges – Forever 21, sunnies – Charlotte Russe 


So I’m currently enjoying my vacation in Ocean City, Maryland as I do every year around this time, and I figured I’d get some shots of my go to look for Summer time. I love white tanks for summer because they can be styled so many different ways. This particular one has some frill on the shoulders so it isn’t too basic. I bought mine from Anthropologie. I combo’d this with some black shorts and matching black wedges. Of course I’m staying minimalistic and neutral as always, but that’s just how it goes in Mel’s closet.

My natural waves are kicking in due to the salty air from the sea. I love to heat style my hair, but sometimes the waves & curls are unavoidable, especially when you’re at the ocean. I will link my top two favorite sea salt sprays below.

Sending sand and sea shells your way,


XO, Outfit Crush //  m.m.

clickable links:

tank here

similar shorts here

similar wedges here

similar sunnies here

sea salt spray #1 here

sea salt spray #2 here


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16 Jun Patterns in Your Wardrobe & Summer Slip-ons

Outfit Crushes: striped tank – Marshalls, denim – Old Navy, slip-ons – Urban Outfitters, necklace – Windsor Avenue.

If you’re anything like me, adding patterns into your wardrobe can seem challenging because you already have a giant and (very well loved) collection of basics and neutrals. There’s nothing wrong with having a love for neutrals, but sometimes it can be fun to branch out and try something new. Switching up my look with some fun patterns is one of my favorite things to experiment with in the Summer. It’s also a great way to add some color to your wardrobe.

I got this striped tank from Marshalls for only $14.99! I love all the different shades of blue used in the stripe pattern and also the fringe trim at the bottom. It turns a basic Summer tank top into something that can be worn by itself and still look cute. I chose to keep this look casual because I was headed out to lunch with a friend. I styled this tank with some dark wash denim to make the light blue pop. I quickly slipped on some flats from Urban Outfitters. I have worn these shoes to death! They are so easy to quickly throw on when you’re rushing out the door and they still look put together. Slip-ons are also starting to become extremely popular this season because sometimes shoes are the last thing you think about when putting together an outfit.


I decided to attach my wish list of slip-ons at the bottom of this post for you to check out. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with a pair yourself!

Hope your Summer is off to a great start!

XO, Outfit Crush //  m.m.

clickable links:

similar tank here

denim here

similar shoes here

necklace here

(wishlist slip-ons below)

#1 here

#2 here

#3 here

#4 here

#5 here




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15 Jun Pretty in Pink

Outfit Crushes: Pink Corduroy Dress- Romwe 

bricorduroy3       bricorduroy4       bricorduroy2

It’s no surprise that the overall shorts trend is coming back in style, but now overall dresses? Yes please! Overalls were extremely popular between the ’70s and ’90s so I love how it makes it appear as a vintage/throw back look in 2016. I found this adorable mauve corduroy dress on Romwe’s website and fell in love at first sight (if you don’t believe in love at first site–check out this website & their prices!!). 

I was pleasantly surprised when this piece came in the mail because the quality was much higher than I expected. This dress was priced under $20 and even came with a pretty light pink lining inside. The dress is comfortable and the absolute perfect length on me (I am about 5’4). My favorite thing about it is how unique it looks especially with the corduroy texture. 

To purchase this unique piece for only $19.99 click here because there’s only a few left 🙂 If you’re not “pretty in pink” they have an adorable dark blue version. Happy shopping!


XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.


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