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20 Oct Fall Layering & DIY Pastel Pumpkins

Outfit Crushes: bri sweater – Free People, jeans – fab’rik, boots – Sperry, shawl – Eileen Fisher ||| mel blouse – Anthropologie, vest – Pitaya, jeans – fab’rik, flats – ASOS.


Happy Fall, everyone!

October officially kicks off our favorite time of year and we couldn’t be happier to see all of the leaves changing and waking up to chilly mornings. With colder weather comes layering season. We might be biased here, but Fall fashion is the best fashion.

Bri layered her pastel sweater with a shawl from Eileen Fisher that can double as a scarf as well. Shawls and ponchos are essential for Fall because they’re basically trendy blankets. Mel decided to layer her blouse with a green vest from Pitaya, which was on sale for only $10! If you’re a Columbus native, you 100% have to check out Pitaya because they always have really trendy pieces for under $100. (Don’t forget to check out the sale rack for some awesome steals!) It is located off of High Street and 11th closer to OSU campus. Both of our jeans are from fab’rik because we both really liked the subtle distressing. If you want some jeans like these, come see us at Easton 🙂


With Halloween right around the corner Bri & I thought it would be fun to share a super easy DIY with you guys! These pastel pumpkins are so easy to make and can be personalized as well. All you need are some small – medium sized pumpkins, pastel acrylic paint, pain brushes, glitter, and spray on adhesive. We both thought it was such a cool alternative to traditionally carving pumpkins. If you try out this DIY, tag us on Instagram because we would love to see your recreations (@outfitcrushofficial.)

Who else is ready for Halloween?!

XO, Outfit Crush // Bri & Mel

clickable links:

bri- similar sweater here

similar shawl here

boots here

mel- similar blouse here

similar vest here

mules/flats here



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18 Oct Denim Jackets & Fun Prints

Outfit Crushes: Denim & Olive Jacket- Fab’rik Style, Camo Tank- Z Supply, Jeans-Free People, Bag- Forever 21, Shoes- All Star, Bracelets- Fabulina Designs


My absolute favorite outfit crush so far this fall is my denim and olive jacket. It has become one of my favorite pieces because of how unique, on trend, and versatile it is. I have yet to see a combo of denim and olive in person, but whoever came up with it is genius. Denim seems to always be in style but mixing it with the hot olive color really adds a unique and trendy new look to it. The jacket hangs right on the back of my closet door and whenever I need to throw on another layer this one seems to go with almost everything. 

I always receive compliments when pairing this jacket with any of my camo print tees (I have entirely too many). You can do almost any color camo with this outfit in particular. I have tried white and light grey, charcoal, dark green and olive green, and dark blue and light blue, all of which have worked well.  The jacket and camo have complimentary styles, which pair together as an almost feminine-masculine edgy look. If patterns aren’t your style a simple white, grey, or black tee will go just as well. 

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.


clickable links: 

Denim and Olive Jacket– visit Fab’rik @ Easton (4191 Worth Avenue, Columbus OH)

OR Similar jacket– here

Camo Tank–here

Similar Fringe Purse–here

Shoes– here

(Photography: Megan Earley)

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10 Oct Transitioning Into Fall & Light Weight Sweaters


Outfit Crushes: Sweater- Urban Outfitters, Jeans- Urban Outfitters, Bracelets- Fabulina Designs

Happy Monday, ladies! It’s October already and officially Fall now… can you believe it?! I’ve been asked multiple times about what to do during this weird period when it’s technically “fall” in Columbus, but isn’t cold enough to bring out the big sweaters and boots so I’m going to highlight some of my favorite transitional pieces.

1) Pastel pieces – Pastels color palettes are the best for transitioning into Fall because they’re not as vibrant as Summer, but not deep enough for Fall yet either. It’s like a happy medium between the two.

2) Light weight sweaters – They’re usually a great thing to wear when its around 50-60 degrees and not cold enough to pull out the cozy, big ones you have in the back of your closet. They add another layering quality that makes you look like you’re ready for the cold weather to come.

3) Booties – Let’s face it, booties are a MUST for Fall. They can actually be worn year round, but my favorite time is for Fall because they’re warmer than your strappy Summer sandals, but still give you the height that a regular heel would.

I like to focus on layering my outfits. Take those tanks or scoop neck tees that you’ve been wearing all Summer and pair a cardigan, denim shirt, or casual light weight jacket with it. Add some jeans pants or leggings to match and slip on some booties or flats and you’ll have a perfect Fall outfit you would have never thought of before! 

My lightweight wish list: 

Pick one here

Pick two here

Pick three here


XO, Outfit Crush //  b.e.

(Photography: Megan Earley)

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21 Sep Faux Suede & Rust Orange

Outfit Crushes: suede jacket – SheIn, v-neck – Fab’rik, denim – Old Navy, booties – Forever21.

I think I just discovered my new every day jacket for Fall. The rust orange color of this thing is incredible and is absolutely perfect for this season. I got mine from Shein.com for under $30! Which is insane because of the quality of the fabric. I am a personal fan of faux suede, so that made this jacket all the better for me. I am also really liking the style and cut of this piece as well. It is more of a moto jacket, so there is some gold hardware going on in the detailing and the adjustable band around the waste makes it perfect to fit different frames.


I decided to style mine with a simple white v-neck and some dark wash jeans. I finished the look with one of my favorite pairs of booties. These guys are faux suede also. Are you picking up the theme here? You will be seeing more faux suede things from me this Fall, just wait and see!

p.s. I’m sippin’ on an iced chai latte from The Roosevelt here, & would HIGHLY recommend.

Have a fab week!

XO, Outfit Crush // m.m

clickable links:

jacket here

similar v-neck here

denim here

similar booties here

(photography: Megan Earley)


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09 Sep Long Sweaters & Every Day Basics

Outfit Crushes: sweater – Anthropologie, tank – Rue 21, jeans – Anthropologie, heels – Anthropologie.


So this is what a typical school day outfit looks like for me. I like to feel put together, but also comfortable because most days I’m going to class 9:30am – 6:30pm. This can be a long day for some people, so it is crucial to feel comfortable throughout the day. I recently bought this sweater from Anthropologie not knowing how much I would actually be wearing it. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have not been able to take it off. It goes with almost anything and I love the oversized fit of it. The slightly belled sleeves also add an interesting finish as well.


This particular sweater comes in a mint color as well and is actually on sale right now, so I will of course have a direct link to it if you’re wishing to purchase one for yourself!

I ended up throwing on a basic white tank and some fray-hemmed jeans for a more relaxed look. These block heels by Jeffrey Campbell were my finishing touch as I’m sure you guys all know how much I love the jeans and heels combo. What else is new? 


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends so far! I know I’m definitely needing some relaxation now that school is in full swing.

XO, Outfit Crush //  m.m.

clickable links:

sweater here

similar tank here

jeans here

similar shoes here

(photography: Megan Earley)


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01 Sep Back to School & Casual-cute Fashion

Outfit Crushes: Shirt-Romwe, Jeans-Free People, Wedges- Charlotte Russe


(This look is in collaboration with Romwe)

Hey hey! Happy back to school to all of you babes still learning like Mel & I! We have been kickin’ it into gear this past week so we are sorry for the delayed posts and not giving you our undivided attention.

Today I am featuring a look I call “casual-cute.” Casual-cute is my go to style most days for class—that is if I don’t snooze my alarm three times before waking up ;). This style is perfect for anyone who wants to look presentable early in the morning, but still feel comfy. I love this oversized light pink v-neck from Romwe. The shade of pink is one of my favorites and it features an adorable navy blue stitching along the neckline and arms. The navy blue accents allows the shirt to look perfect with a dark pair of jeans. The jeans I’m wearing are my newest purchase and they’re so soft I have to force myself to take them off. If you’ve been reading my blog posts you know how much I LOVE wedges/heels so sometimes I even wear my shorter ones out and about. But no worries if you’re not a fan of any type of heel, most neutral flats or sandals will work just as well. 

The dark jeans and oversized tee style is just one simple way you can dress casual cute, but there will be so much more to come! I hope you’ve missed us as much as we have missed you!

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

Clickable links:

Pink v-neck here

Jeans here

Similar wedges here

(Photography: Megan Earley)

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29 Aug Fringe and Flare & Staple Flats

Outfit Crushes: off the shoulder top – Free People, denim – Anthropologie, flats – Urban Outfitters. 

I’m sure you guys aren’t surprised to see me in another off the shoulder top at this point. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was really digging this trend. It’s just one of those necklines that is so flattering for every single body type and I seriously can’t get enough of it. This particular top from Free People is one of my all time favorite colors to wear during Autumn as well. 

I chose to style it with some dark wash jeans that aren’t your typical skinny jean style. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a fan of the skinny jean, but I’ve been starting to get a little bored of it lately. I don’t see myself ever getting into the flare jeans… that’s a little extreme for me…. BUT I’m really liking this particular pair of cropped flare jeans from Anthropologie. They aren’t full on flare, but more so of a happy medium. Which, I think is very flattering if you’re around the 5’3 mark like I am. They’ve also got some fringe on the end to add a little bit of extra texture. 

I finished off the look with my favorite go-to pair of flats from Urban Outfitters. I like these because they’re a little edgier than your typical ballerina flat, but still super comfortable. I can already tell this is going to be one of my go to looks for back to school on those days where I want to look “comfy-cute.”

Hope everyone is having a fresh start getting back to school!

XO, Outfit Crush //  m.m.

clickable links:

off the shoulder top here

fringe denim here

flats here

(Photography: Megan Earley)


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21 Aug Bohemian Bracelets & Bold Beading

Outfit Crushes- bracelets- Fab’rik Easton (Fabulina designs jewelry) 

Everyone has their own personal style & different ways to express themselves. One of our favorite ways to showcase our personality and personal style is through our favorite accessories & jewelry collections. If you’re into anything bold, boho, or colorful, Fabulina is the next best thing you need to check out.

Fabulina Designs is an individual jewelry start up based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The jewelry is carried in more than 100 boutiques world-wide, but we found ours at the local Columbus boutique, Fab’rik. Fabulina carries everything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and we are obsessed with just about all of them. 

Bri and Mel are each wearing two Fabulina bracelets that express their own individual style.

Bri picked shades of blue & green:


Mel picked white and shades of pink, orange, and red: 


To style yourself in Fabulina bracelets click here.

XO, Outfit Crush // Bri & Mel 


(Photography: Megan Earley)

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20 Aug Silk-Cut & Colorful Leggings

Outfit Crushes: grey v-neck – Tani USA, black long sleeve – Tani USA, pink & grey leggings – Tani USA, grey hoodie – Von Maur, trainers – Nike, gym bag – VSX.


Hey there pretty ladies! With both of our majors being related to either fashion design or fashion marketing, we always take interest in where our clothes are made, who made them, and what they’re made out of. So when we stumbled upon this brand of athletic and loungewear, we knew we had to stock up on some of their most popular items.


Whether you’re working your butt off in the gym, grabbing a coffee to go, or lounging around with some friends, we can guarantee these will be the most comfortable tops & leggings you will ever own. The fabric is a unique blend of micro modal and elastane. This innovative formula makes these garments durable, comfortable, and extremely soft. It literally feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. Not to mention we are loving the colors Tani features! Bri is rocking the dusty rose silk cut leggings with a grey silk cut v-neck, while Mel is sporting the black silk cut long sleeve and grey silk cut leggings.


Can we also talk about the fact that Tani USA also specializes in luxury underwear?! YES PLEASE. We never want to take these off and will probably be living in them when this next semester of college rolls around. We tried a pair of boy shorts, but next time we are going for the sheer waistband. 

Who else is wanting some new workout & lounge clothes?! Check out the links below & make sure you go one size up 🙂 

XO, Outfit Crush // Bri & Mel


clickable links:

grey v-neck here

rose leggings here

Bri’s trainers here

black long sleeve here

grey leggings here

similar grey sweatshirt here

Mel’s trainers here

water bottle here

black gym bag here (sold out but you can find it on eBay or Poshmark)

(photography: Megan Earley)


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15 Aug Floral Rompers & Peep Toe Booties

Outfit Crushes: Romper- Fab’rik, Lace Bralette- Fab’rik, Booties- Fab’rik, Necklace-Fab’rik


(This look is in collaboration with Fab’rik)

Hey ladies! I know what you’re thinking.. Yes, this is another look from Fab’rik but we just can’t stay away! If you haven’t been tuning into our latest posts, Fab’rik is a very reasonable priced boutique that has just opened a location in Columbus. Don’t worry non-Columbus readers they have online shopping as well 🙂 

I’m featuring this romper because it has been one of my favorite outfits of the summer! I love rompers in general, but this one in particular has an extremely chic & adorable pattern and seems to be more flattering than other ones I have tried. The romper is a halter top with a big tie bow and an open back. The shorts portion of the romper are loose and comfortable— pretty much my biggest deciding factor of one pieces. 


The romper is a gorgeous navy blue with colorful touches of light blue, dark pink, light pink, and brown. Because of the navy and brown in this piece, I decided to do brown and gold accessories! I wore my favorite peep toe brown suede booties. They are so versatile… I swear they can match almost any outfit I put together. I also chose this pair of shoes because they are perfect for every season! I also wore a long gold and brown necklace to tie the shoes and romper together just a little bit more.


Fab’rik is having their summer blowout sale right now, which houses $10, $20, $30, & $40 racks. If you’re interested in buying any of the pieces I am featuring you can get them online or in store. But there are two extra incentives to get your butt out the door: 1) Mention Outfit Crush to get an extra 15% off of your purchase at the Easton location, including sale! 2) For every $50 you spend between August 15-21 at the Easton location you will be entered in to win a $500 shopping spree and Louis Vuitton Bag. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e. 

(Photography: Austin Yochus)

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