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Style Guide

29 Jan Cozy Long Sleeves & Warm Vests

Outfit Crushes: Blue long sleeve – Bordeaux by Anthropologie. Leather vest – Coffee Shop. Winter is the absolute perfect time for shades of navy blue.

It’s just the right color to add some vibrancy to your look! Not to mention it is very on trend right now. I chose to pair a navy blue long sleeve with a black leather vest to add a little bit more warmth to my look.

The long sleeve shirt is from Bordeaux so the fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. I love feeling comfortable while looking stylish at the same time. I wore this outfit more on the casual side, but you could always dress it up with a staple piece necklace and pea coat when going out and about.

Hope you enjoyed this combo!

With love,

XO // Outfit Crush  m.m 

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26 Jan Fashionable Denim & Casual Beanies

Outfit Crushes: Denim—Nordstrom (The Elle Fisher Collection), Simple White V—J Crew, Beanie—Vernacular

Denim & beanies are the perfect pair. They can dress down almost anything to make a cute and casual look. I usually pair a denim long sleeve with another shirt to add style, individuality, and warmth in the winter. This layered shirt can be almost any color aside from a blue color that directly matches the denim, although I usually tend to stick to neutrals!

Aside from being cute they can both be totally affordable. Denim can be found for $20 and beanies for $10 if you know the right places to shop. Forever 21 and H&M are two good places to start, but at this time of the year you should be able to find them on clearance almost anywhere!

XO // Outfit Crush b.e.

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24 Jan Affordable Neutrals & Stylish Hats

Outfit Crushes: Hat – Forever 21.  Sunglasses – Forever 21.  White t-shirt – American Eagle.  Jacket – Target.  Black jeans – Forever 21

I never really envisioned myself as a hat wearer, but after purchasing one and trying it out, I find myself wanting to wear it all the time! It definitely felt like a bold choice when I was buying it, but now feels somewhat necessary when completing my outfit before I step outside to start my day.

It’s super fun to take a chance and add something new to your wardrobe that you normally wouldn’t dare to add. A sophisticated hat is a simple and easy touch that truly pulls any look together.

I chose to style it with a simple white tshirt, tan jacket, and black jeans. I wanted to use all neutrals for this outfit because the black hat is already such a bold feature to your look, you honestly don’t need much else!

Hope you enjoy!

XO // Outfit Crush

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