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11 Apr Mauve Dresses & Statement Necklaces

Outfit Crushes: mauve dress – Urban Outfitters (Silence & Noise), tan jacket -Anthropologie, statement necklace – Macy’s (INC) 

Hi babes. *Sigh* it’s Monday, but here’s a blog post for you to read to hopefully make your Monday less Monday-y.

I have no shame in saying that I love this outfit of mine! The mauve dress color makes me appear ready for spring, while the light tan jacket adds a little extra warmth to combat the wind and gives the outfit a sophisticated touch. I also layered a statement necklace with the jacket to add my feminine style and to pull the colors together.


I even wore my favorite strappy sandals because we have finally reached mid-April (YESSS!). 



XO, Outfit Crush // b.e


clickable links:

black high neck here
similar jacket here
statement necklace (ON SALE FOR $10) here

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03 Apr Meet the Bloggers & Windsor Avenue

Outfit Crushes: Zodiac Recall Necklaces by Windsor Avenue

Just recently we have discovered a gorgeous jewelry brand called Windsor Avenue. It was started by the wonderful Olivia Hollaus while she was living on her own for the first time (on Windsor Avenue!) and continues to be a symbol of independence and confidence for Olivia. We absolutely love Olivia’s story and what her brand is based on so we decided to try her Zodiac Recall necklaces. The collection is perfect for us because we love to learn about our Zodiac signs and believe it is a true reflection of our personalities. We are obsessed with these high quality pieces because of their individuality, sterling silver make, and accent of fresh water pearls. 

If you guys want to check out her blog click here. And here is the direct link to the main website, windsor avenue.
Below are pictures of our lovely new pieces. Bri is featuring the Gemini sign and Mel is featuring the Capricorn sign!






Here is an interview we did for Olivia & The Windsor Avenue Crew:

Names: Brianna Nicole Ellis & Melissa Nichole Marchi

From: Columbus, Ohio

Living in: Columbus, Ohio

Profession: Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Outfit Crush (Bri & Mel)

Social Media Coordinator at Vellabox (Bri)

Sales Associate at Anthropologie (Mel)

Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Bri) & Capricorn (Mel)

Favorite Quote or Saying:

Bri: “Today you are you that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.” -Dr. Seuss

Mel: “Have the courage to be exactly who you are without apology.” – Iyanla Vanzant.

One of the most important things we both believe in is being yourself. These quotes are so relevant to our lives because we believe it is so important for people to understand that it is okay to be yourself, embrace it and not live to please people.

How do you describe your overall style? Are your styles similar or different or how so?:

We would describe our overall style in three words: playful, edge, and chic. However, running a fashion blog together is so fun because we each have different things we love to wear. Mel tends to gravitate towards more bold pieces with feminine touches, while Bri reaches for flowy pieces with bohemian accents.

What inspired you girls to start Outfit Crush?

After becoming best friends in high school, we discovered a mutual love for fashion. We have always had a passion for sharing clothes and styling each other. The idea of sharing our styles with the world came slowly as we started instagraming #ootds on our own personal accounts. It was shortly after completing our first semester of college, both with different degrees in fashion, that we decided to start a duo fashion and lifestyle blog. So far it has been exciting learning how to build a relationship with the online fashion community.

In just a few months you’ve done very well on Instagram. What is about you girls that you think is garnering followers?

We think that we have been doing so well on Instagram because of our commitment to posting nearly everyday and our dedication to interacting with our followers. Our mail goal is to build relationships with our followers and give them enough content to truly be inspired by our style!

What do you love most about working for Outfit Crush?

Working on Outfit Crush comes with an endless amount of benefits such as virtually meeting many different kinds of people from all over the world, learning more about current trends, and getting to know our own personal style even better. All of those things are great but working with our best friend is what we love most. We get to spend our time doing what we love with the person we love the most!

Tell us something we don’t know about Columbus, Ohio. What’s the style like there?

Ohio is totally known for our corn, yes, we get that. However, did you know that Columbus, Ohio is now ranked #3 with the most resident fashion designers, just trailing behind LA & NYC? This makes our location prime for our career goals. It is also why we are so proud to be a fashion and lifestyle blog based in such an upcoming city. There are so many different styles that can be found in Columbus. Trends are really important to residents here, which you will notice immediately if you ever come to visit. The funny thing about fashion here is that you have to learn to be adaptable. The weather in this city is literally all over the place. So even if it’s supposed to be 80 degrees in the morning, you should probably still pack a jacket for the evening when it rains and drops 40 degrees.

When not going to class, studying, and blogging what do you do to have fun and unwind?

If we aren’t in school or blogging, you can find us training for a half marathon together, shopping, traveling, adventuring in the city, or spending time with friends and family.

What’s your fashion/beauty indulgence?

Bri: For me it would definitely have to be a cute pair of shoes. I can never say no to another pair of cute heels, booties, or flats when they are calling my name! My latest shoe indulgences were heels by Michael Kors and booties by Vince Camuto.

Mel: I am also addicted to buying shoes. However, I also am a huge makeup lover! My favorite brands right now are Urban Decay and Tarte because they are not tested on animals and have beautiful products.

Who are your favorite designers?

Bri: When I am in the mood to splurge, my favorites would have to be Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Vince Camuto because I am in love with adorable shoes and purses and the ones I fall in love with always seem to have one of their names on it!

Mel: Some of my favorite high fashion designers are Balmain, Vera Wang, and Burberry. I like designers who push boundaries in their garments, but also make sure that they are still wearable. All three of these designers have amazing attention to detail and I think that is what makes them so successful in each collection they release.

Where would you like to study abroad?

Bri: I have always wanted to go to Barcelona, Spain. Spain is so beautiful and from what I have seen the country has such an interesting sense of fashion. It’s also a major bonus that I took Spanish for four years in high school!

Mel: I am determined to study abroad in Italy. My family’s roots are in Italy, so it would be such an incredible experience to see where my great grandparents are from and to experience such a colorful culture. I’m also convinced that they have the best food, but I may be biased. My major is Fashion Design with a double minor in Business and Italian, so I would be a fool not to go.

What inspires you?

Bri: I am usually inspired by eye catching pictures because I am such a visual person. Style shots allow me to elaborate on how I can go from vibing off an outfit to bringing it into my own wardrobe while still keeping my own personal style.

Mel: I always find inspiration when I am least expecting it. Many times I fill find something I am drawn to in nature, or by other artists. Anything that sparks an emotion in me will get my thought process going and I will start brainstorming ideas.

Are you girls into your zodiac signs? If yes, how so?

Bri: I am definitely not as passionate about zodiac signs as Mel is, but I love learning more about them from her! She explained to me how zodiac signs influence someones personality and now I can definitely see how I am a true gemini. Lately I have been finding myself reading about the gemini sign and how it may affect my personality.

Mel: I am actually pretty interested in zodiac signs. I believe that it says a lot about your personality. I am not a believer in the daily horoscope thing, but I have looked into peoples personality traits in relation to where the sun and moon were during your birth and zodiac signs truly have a direct significance to how you act as a person.

Would you say that your zodiac signs are a good overall reflection of your personalities?

Bri was born on May 21st, so that makes me her natural Gemini and Mel was born on January 5th, so that makes her a Capricorn. We believe that we are both a good representation of what a typical Gemini and Capricorn acts like. Geminis tend to have many sides to them which can be negative at times but it also makes them adaptable to all different types of situations. They are talkative, social, and not afraid to speak their mind. Capricorns are very motivated, and set high goals for themselves. They are very calm and realistic when presented with situations. While they are diligent workers, they can also get too involved with work and overload themselves with things to do.

Working with friends is fun, but it could also create some issues. Why do you think that you both work so well together?

You know, it is inevitable to have disagreements with your best friend. We think the key elements that make us so successful together are 1) our different creative ideas that we bring to the table. Bri is very business savvy, while Mel is a lot more artistic. 2) we are always working to bring each other up, and never down. 3) we remember to have fun with whatever we do! Although we are professional, we still remember the core reason for why we started Outfit Crush – to share our passion & have fun!

What’s on your playlist right now?

Our playlists are always changing, especially as the seasons change and new songs are released. We both are currently listening to Ellie Goulding a ton because we are seeing her in concert on May 10th to celebrate Bri’s birthday. However, Mel’s favorite artist is Amy Winehouse and Bri’s is Lana Del Ray.

Hollywood crushes?

Bri: I am definitely crushing on Josh Duhamel, Ashton Kutcher, and of course Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mel: I’ve always had a crush on James Franco, but I also really like Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.

What’s on your Fashion Wish list right now?

We are looking for anything for the summer season! Bri is always wishing for for a new wardrobe each year to match what’s new and Mel is currently obsessing over scorts for the upcoming Summer season. They’re adorable and also super comfortable. But we are both shoe-a-holics, so adding new shoes to our collections never stops. White converses are #1 on Bri’s wish list and strappy sandals with fringe is #1 on Mel’s.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Bri: My idea of perfect happiness is spent in the warm weather. I love spending the summer in Columbus with my family and friends, but Arizona and California are my favorite places to visit. I have been traveling to each my whole life and would love to move out west some day.

Mel: My idea of perfect happiness is experienced when I’m at home with my entire family during Christmas time. It sounds cliche, but there isn’t anything better in the world than spending time with family that you haven’t seen in a while and just enjoying the holidays with tons of Italian food!

If you could have dinner w/ any 3 people in the world who would they be?

This is definitely one of those questions that takes some thought! It’s almost like that genie in a bottle question, where you have to sparingly decide three wishes for yourself. We both love to have fun and be entertained so we would enjoy having dinner with the Kardashian family. If we had to pick one out of the group, it would be Kylie Jenner because she is only one year younger than us, so we’d probably have the best conversation!

Bri: I would also love to have dinner with Sophia Bush and Blake Lively. Sophia Bush is my inspiration after re-watching her star in the show One Tree Hill multiple times. Her confidence and devotion to life issues makes me love her even more. I’d love to talk more with her about her campaign on body size. Blake Lively is also one of my favorites after re-watching her star in the show Gossip Girl. I would love to chat with her about how her style is always perfect.

Mel: I would also love to chat and have dinner with Jaclyn Hill, because she is my favorite beauty blogger / youtuber ever! And finally, I would definitely have dinner with Miley Cyrus. I am a huge fan of hers and I think it would be so cool to talk to her about how her life has changed and how she started the Happy Hippie Foundation. I’ve always been a fan of hers.

Additional comments/thoughts?

– Fun facts about us! –

Mel is an animal lover / activist and has been vegetarian for over 9 years

Bri is secretly a desert girl and loves to go hiking in the mountains

Mel’s favorite color is grey and her favorite kind of food is Italian

Bri’s favorite color is pink and her favorite kind of food is Chinese or Mexican

We took an unforgettable trip together to explore England and France a few summer’s ago.

Social Media Platforms:

Website: outfitcrush.com

Instagram: outfitcrushofficial

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28 Mar Staple Peplums & Spring Blues

Outfit Crushes: peplum shirt – Anthropologie, trousers – Anthropologie, shoes – Anthropologie, hat – Anthropologie, necklace – Anthropologie.

Yep! This entire look is brought to you by Anthropologie!

Happy Spring, everyone!

I have automatically been a lot more smiley because of the lovely weather we’ve been having in Columbus. It’s been a nice combination of 50’s and 60’s, so I’ve ditched my heavy jackets and traded them in for some cute springy tops. I’ve been loving the peplum cut lately. It is so flattering for every waistline and also for women who have a higher volume in their chest area.

In this look, I am pairing this fun sea shell printed trouser with a white peplum shirt. These particular pants are called the Charlie Trouser and the come in a few different colors and patterns which are super fun for Spring. I decided to accessorize with a cute little hat, pink fringe necklace, and sandals.

If you are in the Columbus area you definitely have to check out the Short North location as well as the Easton location. They’re both beautifully laid out and the overall aesthetic of the store is calming and welcoming. The instagram for the Short North location is @anthro_thejoseph, so be sure to check out their adorable posts!

Have a lovely Monday,


OX // Outfit Crush  m.m

clickable links:
similar peplum shirt here
trousers here
sandals here
fringe necklace here
hat here

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16 Mar Black Leather & Distressed Denim

Outfit Crushes: high neck top – Anthropologie, denim – Vigoss brand from Nordstrom, fringe purse – Forever 21, booties – JustFab

melhighneck3melhighneck2 copy

One of the coolest parts about fashion is being able to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. This is so crucial to developing your own personal style! I am a huge fan of the high neck trend because it is classy and reserved, but also still very flattering for your shoulders. However, when the trend started taking off, I shied away from it. I didn’t think this particular style would flatter me or make me feel confident. I ended up buying this black high neck tank from Anthropologie as an impulse purchase… Now I know those are never too good for your wallet, but I was feeling the need to try something new for once! And I am so glad I took a chance with this one, because now it is definitely one of my favorites in my wardrobe.

I styled mine with a pair of distressed denim from Vigoss that I found at Nordstrom. I also combo’d it with some more black on the ankle cut out booties and fringe purse. Although the outfit is almost completely monochromatic, each piece has small details that really makes the look come together as a whole.

Hope your week is going well so far!


XO // Outfit Crush  m.m.

clickable links:

black high neck here
similar denim here
similar black booties here
similar fringe bag here

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11 Mar BB Dakota & A Timeless Look

Outfit Crushes: Black Dress – Nordstrom (BB Dakota collection), Black Heels – Charlotte Russe

“Life is a series of stories you tell” -BB Dakota. Those stories start with fashion.


I found this little black dress hanging alone in Nordstrom and fell IN LOVE. After obsessing over the look for a minute, I glanced at the tag and it read “BB Dakota”. I had never heard of the brand before this perfect encounter but am so happy I found it. As if I had not already fallen in love with the brand after finding the dress, I had right after looking at their website. To say BB Dakota’s website and social media accounts are phenomenal would be an understatement. If you’re looking for a new brand to love, check out their “Journal” and “About” pages because they say it all and I can guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Once you check out the website you’ll find out why I love the BB Dakota brand, but why did I fall in love with the dress? Two words. Timeless. And. Bold.

The dress is a take on the fit and flare style which is one I have loved in the past. The black and lace combination together makes for a timeless look given that it will never go out of style. Black and lace dresses can be found at many retailers, but what makes this dress unique is the nearly sheer embroidered pattern over top. The red lipstick and high heels takes the look from not just timeless but to timeless and bold. Now check out BB Dakota to start telling your story!


XO// Outfit Crush  b.e.

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04 Mar Neutral Palettes & Lightweight Layering

Outfit Crushes: casual black t shirt – Anthropologie, open blouse – Forever 21, black hat – Forever 21.

Ohio’s weather has seriously been all over the place lately, but it is giving me some hope that Spring is coming and I’m pretty excited to bust out my flowy dresses. However, today’s look was more on the neutral side with some lightweight layering. The weather has been warming up some from previous months, so I’m slowly putting my chunky sweaters and winter coats into hibernation. I’ve been switching over to light weight basics that add warmth and interesting layers, but still feel cool enough to wear outside when the sun peeks through.

I combo’d a casual black t, by Bordeaux with a grayish beige open blouse to make the finished look a bit more sophisticated looking. And of course, I added my little black hat to tie the look together. Bordeaux is one of my favorite brands to buy casual t shirts from because of how comfortable and soft they are. The fabric is a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex so it has great breath-ability. As for the hat… well if you’ve been following our blog for a bit you’ll notice my new obsession with hats, as they are definitely becoming an OC for me.

image2 2                         image1 2

Who else is excited for 2016 Spring trends?


XO // Outfit Crush  m.m.


clickable links:

black t shirt here
similar open blouse (in a different color) here
black hat here

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29 Feb Pretty Pastels & Gold Accents

Outfit Crushes: Sweater- Urban Outfitters (Silence and Noise collection), Purse- Marc Jacobs (Marc by Marc Jacobs collection), Sunnies- Ray Ban




If there’s one thing everyone knows about Ohio it would definitely be that the weather is completely and utterly unpredictable. So its February and the weather is a nice 50 to 60 degrees, what do you wear? A light weight sweater! But to make the outfit look as if it’s approaching the spring season, I wore a light pink pastel. Because the sweater is simple, I paired it with 3 layers of necklaces. I chose the necklaces to have gold accent to match my favorite aviators pictured above.

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

clickable links:

similar sweater here
aviator sunglasses here
purse here

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22 Feb Lace ups & Spring Trends

Outfit Crushes: denim button up – Forever 21, tank – Free People, Jeans – Forever21, lace up flats – Nordstrom Rack

We’ve had unbelievably nice weather in Columbus lately, so it was very necessary to ditch the winter coats and choose a light weight denim to throw on top instead. And of course, a pair of your favorite sunnies is always a good choice when there’s some sunshine out!

I chose to combo this denim button up with a faded, minimalistic tie dye tank from one of our favorite brands, Free People. Free People is one of my favorite brands to wear during warmer weather because they have more of a bohemian vibe, which is perfect for the Spring/Summer. I also chose to sport my new favorite trend– lace up flats. I picked up this neutral grey pair from Nordstrom Rack for only $20. Obviously you see why I couldn’t pass them up, right? The simple lace up detailing makes the flat look more sophisticated and detailed in comparison to a regular ballerina flat, which is why its a new OC for me!


Stay warm in these last few weeks of winter & get ready for Spring,


XO // Outfit Crush  m.m

clickable links:

lace up flats here
similar denim button up here
similar tank here

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12 Feb Valentine’s Day Colors & Fur Vests

Outfit Crushes: red v-neck – Pitaya, fur vest – Nordstrom.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so everyone knows what that means! Tons of shades of reds, pinks, and white.

If you’re unsure about what to wear for Valentine’s Day, then stick with a fun shade of red or pink. Red is my preferred hue because it’s such a bold color, so it can also help show off your inner confidence. I chose to pair a simple red v-neck with a cozy neutral vest. It makes the outfit look festive, confident, and winter wearable. You could also switch it up by changing the v-neck for a red or pink long sleeve turtle neck to add some more coverage to your look and make it more night time appropriate. 

Sending lots of love & valentines your way,

XO // Outfit Crush  m.m

clickable links:
similar vneck here
similar fur vest here



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04 Feb Oversized Ponchos & Big Hats

Outfit Crushes: Oversized poncho–Hollister & big hat–Forever 21

Oversized ANYTHING is my favorite! Clothing that is supposed to look a little big is usually easier to pull off than something that fits tight to your skin and is also 10000x more comfortable. Oversized ponchos are an OC because they’re cozy, warm, and easy to style. No matter what color of poncho I wear, I usually style it with a neutral long sleeve underneath to add an extra layer. It’s definitely hard to have a favorite thing about them buttttt… if I had to choose… I would say my favorite thing about ponchos is how versatile they can be. If I’m looking for a casual look I’ll pair one with leggings and cute, comfortable flats, but if I want to get a little bit more dressed up I’ll wear a nicer style of pant and booties. And hey the hat–it just makes the outfit look a little bit more fashionable!

XO// Outfit Crush b.e.

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