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07 Jul 2017 June Favorites

Happy Summer, everyone! I’m so excited that it is officially Summer. There’s something about sunshine & cold drinks that just puts me in the best mood. I haven’t done a monthly favorites post in a while and I have been loving so many new things, so I figured I’d update you guys on my current love list.

1) Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 Plus Phone Case
The gold glitter and rainbow sunnies in this case make it perfect for Summer. I can’t stop flipping my phone upside down and watching it. I personally think it looks best on a rose gold iPhone.

2) Maybelline Matte Fit Me Foundation 
The fact that this foundation is drugstore and works just as well as majority of high end foundations that I’ve tried, has me completely sold! It is 1/5 the price of my average high end foundation and basically does the same thing. It keeps my skin nice and matte all day, doesn’t break apart or separate on my skin, AND doesn’t break me out. You can find this guy at your local grocery or convenience store. (I’m in the shade “Natural Buff”)

3) Boscia Charcoal Skin Mist
I have pretty oily skin year round, but especially in the summertime. This skin mist has white charcoal in it, so it instantly absorbs excess oil on your face and makes your makeup matte all day long. I definitely notice a difference in my skin for the day if I skip this in my daily makeup routine!

4) Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
After using the boscia skin mist, I always follow up with the transluscent powder to keep everything in place. It also helps with mattifying your skin and keeps makeup in place all day without any flash back from pictures.

5) Sun Bum SPF lip balm in “Watermelon”

For whatever reason, my lips always seem to get sun burnt before anything else, and let me tell you it is not pleasant. I first bought the Banana flavor in this lip balm, but lost it (like I do 50% of my lip balms) and decided to replace it with a new flavor when I was on vacation. I had already received a sun burn on my lips, but this instantly soothed and took the redness away. It also prevented my lips from getting anymore burnt for the rest of vacation. I would highly highly recommend checking out this brand as a whole. They make great sun protection products.

6) Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in “Bombshell”

I’ll always stay true to a nude lip before I’ll venture out into the purples or pinks. That being said, I consider myself pretty picky with nude lipsticks. Sometimes they’re too light for me, or too dark, or too cool toned. I honestly borrowed this shade from my little sister after I saw her wearing it and instantly fell in love. If you have an olive complexion with yellow undertones like I do, this nude liquid lip is going to look BOMB on you. I have already ordered a new one because I can’t see myself wearing any other lip color for a long time!

Shop all the items mentioned above HERE:



XO, Outfit Crush // Mel

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06 May 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone & happy Spring!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so I figured I’d put together some gift ideas for you. My mom is hands down one of the most important people in my life and my #1 best friend. I try to celebrate her every day, but Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mom just how much you appreciate her. Mom’s have chosen to be selfless since day one when they decided to bring you into the world. And if your mom is anything like mine, she will try to reject any sort of gift you give her, so sometimes you just gotta smother her in love anyway!

  1. Skin Care – who doesn’t like new makeup? I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person. Some of my favorite makeup essentials that are quick and easy for busy moms on the go are:
    1. Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off Eye Gel – this stuff is amazing for moisturizing and preventing wrinkles (I use this one every morning myself!)
    2. Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm – I can also personally vouch for this product because it is so quick and easy to clean your face after a long day. The formula is also very gentle and works on the most sensitive skin types. This has become a holy grail for me.
    3. Fresh Rose Face Mask – first of all, the smell of this mask is amazing- I could eat it. Secondly, it is so gentle and moisturizing (even on oily skin) and helps balance out the overall coloration of you skin. What mother doesn’t need a nice relaxing face mask at least once a week?
    4. LUSH Massage Bars & Bath bombs – you already KNOW these are the bomb (literally) If your mom has never tried one of these guys, you serioussssly gotta get her on board.
  2. Spa Days – going off of the skin care idea, it’s always nice to treat your mom with a gift voucher to her favorite pamper spot.
    1. Facial gift cards at your local spa
    2. Mani & Pedi gift cards at your local nail place
    3. Massage gift cards at your local spa.
    4. Hair appointment gift cards at her favorite salon that she never goes to anymore because she can’t justify spending that money on herself (mhmmm I’m calling you out on this one mom!)
  3. Fresh Flowers – I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person who doesn’t enjoy fresh flowers and they’re so easy to get at all price ranges if you’re on a budget!
  4. Mom & Daughter dates – this is my personal favorite way to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. I love taking the day off and spending every single second with my best friend.
    1. Movie dates
    2. At home movie dates
    3. At home spa dates with chocolate, ice cream, and face masks.
    4. Take her out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  5. Home Made Gifts – Let’s be real, it’s never about how much money you spent, but more the thought and intent you put into the gift. Mother’s know you like the back of their hand and know what you can and can’t afford. Home made gifts are often times better than the ones you thought about buying in the first place 🙂
    1. Hand made cards
    2. Hand made paper bouquets/flowers
    3. Hand made coupons – the coupons can say anything you want your mom to have the opportunity to redeem/cash in for the next month. I always find this to be a fun and meaningful gift to receive. (I used this gift idea countless times when I was young.)
    4. A crafty picture & frame of the two of you.

The links to some of the shop-able items I mentioned will be linked down below for easy access. If this post inspired you in anyway let me know! I’d love to write more gift guide ideas if you guys are interested in reading them.

XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.

clickable links:

Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off Eye Gel

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Fresh Rose Face Mask

My Fav LUSH Massage Bar

My Fav LUSH Bath bomb


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05 Feb Valentine’s Day Beauty Favs

Welcome to the newest section of our blog— the much anticipated Beauty page.

Honestly we’re not sure why it’s taken us this long to dedicate an entire section of our content to all things beauty, since we both are completely obsessed with the world of self pampering, makeup, hair care, skin care, etc. But nonetheless here it is!

We figured we’d kick things off with our favorite beauty products for Valentine’s Day. We are by no means beauty gurus, but we do enjoy trying new makeup whether it’s from a drugstore or of a higher quality. Whether you have a Valentine or not, it’s always fun to be festive with pink, red, and mauve tones for this national holiday. Mel’s a sucker for all of the Valentine’s Day themed items at stores, but we’re both lovers of all of the Valentine’s Day themed makeup products that come out annually every February. Below are links to our top picks for this month/holiday & why we picked them!

  1. Modern Renaissance Palette – Ever since this beauty came out we have been OBSESSED with the color palette. The warm tones mixed in with the chocolatey brown ones in this color scheme makes it very gorgeous for all different types of skin tones. You can make tons of different looks with this. Mel’s fav look (which has become almost an everyday look as well) is a warm smokey eye with “realgar” in her crease, while Bri’s is definitely “buon fresco.”
  2. Nars Lipstick in the shade “Cruising” – This is such a great sheer nude if you’re not a huge fan of the whole matte lipstick trend going on right now. This pick is almost comparable to a chapstick, that’s how insanely moisturizing and creamy it is.
  3. Urban Decay Moon Dust Eye shadow in “Space Cowboy” – If you’re looking for some insane glitter for fun nights out and about, this will be your favorite eyeshadow. 
  4. Roller ball Fragrance “Flowerbomb” by Viktor & Rolf – Bri bought this for Mel for her birthday in January (THX BFF) and it is Mel’s all time favorite fragrance and by far the one with the most compliments from other people! It’s a gorgeous sophisticated floral scent that lasts all day
  5. Too Faced “Better than Sex” Mascara – Okay not sure about the title here, buuuuut it’s better than most mascaras hahaha. It gives you serious length and it’s rich in black pigment so your eyelashes almost look like falsies. It’s on the pricier side for mascara, but nothing too crazy.
  6. Toning Water by Balm Skincare -We stumbled upon this adorable little skincare company via Instagram one day & fell in love with their mission, ingredients, and packaging! This toning water is perfect for fresh skin. Its witch hazel, lemon, and apple cider vinegar ingredients help reduce acne and the chamomile and rose assist with irritation. 
  7. Charcoal and Honey Facial Cleanser by Balm Skincare  – This facial cleanser has charcoal to absorb excess oil and honey to help nourish and naturally moisturize the skin. 
  8. Facial Cream by Balm Skincare – Talk about soft skin! This cocoa smelling moisturizer keeps your skin healthy and smooth making it definitely a bathroom necessity. 

Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, we hope you all have a fabulous February and like our first beauty picks!

XO, Outfit Crush // Bri & Mel


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