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03 May The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

One of my all time favorite places to relax and drink some coffee is The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. I first discovered this adorable little coffee shop during my first year of college with my roommates. For all of you locals, it is located on Long Street in Columbus, Ohio. Since I am a full time student at Columbus College of Art & Design, the location for The Roosevelt is perfect for my roommates & I to walk to whenever we please since it is literally a block away.


The atmosphere in The Roosevelt is incomparable to any other coffee shop I’ve been to. The employees are easy going and welcoming, so it has become easy to get to know their faces over the past year of going here to get my caffeine fix. There’s also always some happy music playing in the background that the customers get to choose to play. I personally love to bring my laptop and plop down in a chair with my usual– an iced mocha. My roommates and I have spent countless hours doing homework, hanging out, and just chatting with multiple cups of coffee in our bellies.

If you are ever in the downtown Columbus area, this is a must have if you’re needing a minute to catch your breath in this busy city.



XO // Outfit Crush  m.m

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30 Mar North Market & BFF Dates

One of Bri & Mel’s favorite places to eat is the North Market. It is located in the heart of the Short North in Columbus, Ohio. The best way to describe the North Market is one giant indoor market place full of multicultural foods, spices, clothing, and fresh flowers. You can choose to dine in or take food to go. It is always a fun experience because it doesn’t matter what you’re craving, or what your friends are craving– there is always something for everyone.

Mel chose to get some vietnamese food from La Viet. She chose the grilled shrimp in a rice and noodle bowl. This is actually her favorite thing to order from the North Market, so she never fails to get it every single time. Bri decided on some fresh chicken tacos with guacamole. It was her first time trying the tacos but all together was a good decision. We finished off our best friend date with some local Jeni’s ice cream, which was seriously heaven. Jeni’s Ice Cream is known for their unique but delicious flavors. We both would highly recommend trying the Wild berry Lavender if you are a Columbus native. You won’t regret it! Below are some pics of what we ate.

NMtacos NMnoodles


Hope you all are enjoying your days!


XO // Outfit Crush  Bri & Mel


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14 Feb The Beauty Box

Just recently I have made one of my hobbies trying to find local businesses I love— in order to support small business growth and motivated entrepreneurs in my home town. “The Beauty Box” is one of my new favorites.

Just this January, AnnaMarie Cua opened up “The Beauty Box” on Parsons Avenue. AnnaMarie, the owner and head stylist of the salon, seems to have done it all in the last 14 years. Before opening her shop on the outskirts of German Village, Anna specialized in bridal hair and exotic makeup on the beautiful island of Maui. She has participated in an extensive amount of shows and print advertisements and has been featured in four magazines thus far. Her length of experience and wide range of expertise allows me to feel comfortable receiving any of the services she offers.

“The Beauty Box” offers almost anything you could imagine—hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc—at reasonably affordable prices. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I go there when there are hundreds of other salons around Columbus?” “What makes ‘The Beauty Box’ so special?” The answer lies in the owner and her products.

Anna is not only one of the most talented stylists I have had the privilege to visit, but she has one of the greatest personalities. Before you walk into this adorable shop you can usually hear her laugh from the outside and once you walk in she will make sure to keep you comfortable and entertained. Not only is Anna phenomenal, but so are her products. She uses organic products for all services, which are made from everything from plant food to essential oils.

Stay tuned for the best to come from “The Beauty Box”, but in the mean time make a reservation to visit.

AnnaMarie Cua. The Beauty Box. 63 Parsons Ave. 614.787.5548.

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

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06 Feb Have You Juiced Yet?

Have you juiced yet?

Okay, me neither.. but I decided to try it out! Native Cold pressed juice is an exclusive juice bar to Columbus, Ohio right here in the Short North. Their juice is “100% raw, organic juice. Never heated. Never pasteurized.” – (nativecoldpressed.com) I recently went into the shop due to all the rave I had been hearing about it. Healthy juice that also tastes good? I’ll admit I was a skeptic, but now I can say I will happily be returning frequently for this delicious stuff! I ordered the “Sweet Green”, which is full of pears, kale, cucumbers, bok choy, with a hint of mint. It was nothing less than amazing! You can tell that there is nothing but natural sweetness from the pears inside this drink and I could easily taste every ingredient that was mentioned. 

If you have more of a savory palette, there are tons and tons of other drink options located on their menu. And can I just say the menu and staff were adorable and super helpful? She explained the process and value of every thing on the menu to me before I made my first purchase, which was super helpful for a first time juicer. Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back & try more! Pictured above is a snap shot of their menu they have standing on the right of the walkway. Below is what myself & a friend decided to try.

image1 copy

I would highly recommend stopping by and trying some out, or giving it a peek online @ nativecoldpressed.com

With love,

XO // Outfit Crush  m.m.

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