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Carbon Coco x Outfit Crush

18 Apr Carbon Coco x Outfit Crush

Products Featured: Ultimate Carbon Kit

If you know me pretty well, you’ll know I’ve had a crazy, expensive, and painful journey with my teeth. I had severely crowded teeth and an unaligned jawline growing up, so I spent 2 years with a palette expander in the upper roof of my mouth and 2.5 years with braces. I’ve learned a lot about confidence and good oral care along the years, so when I come across a brand that promotes that I love to test it out myself.

Being on the college student budget, I’ve never had my teeth professionally whitened. I’ve used Colgate ever since I was a kid, so when Carbon Coco reached out to me I figured it was time to switch things up!

Carbon Coco is an Australian based, all natural, teeth whitening company. They have a range of products including: activated charcoal tooth polish, tooth brushes, oil pulling tooth paste, activated charcoal tooth paste, and even a tongue cleaner.

I got the chance to test out the Ultimate Carbon Kit which contains the following:

  • Activated charcoal tooth paste
  • A tooth brush
  • Activated charcoal tooth polish

Overall I can say this was a very fun and easy to use product. You wet your brush with water, then gently dip it into the charcoal polish and brush your teeth for about 3 minutes. After rinsing, you use the charcoal tooth paste like you would any other tooth past for 2-3 minutes and brush normally. Rinse one more time and you’re all done.

I loved how soft the bristles on the tooth brush were along with how fine the charcoal polish was. I was a little intimidated looking at the charcoal powder at first because I was scared it would scrape my sensitive teeth and create even more sensitivity. The charcoal polish is super soft and barely had any taste to it, so I enjoyed testing it out! The tooth paste was spearmint flavored, so I enjoyed using that as well. 

I am an avid coffee drinker with the occasional cup of tea, so I definitely noticed my surface stains slowly fading after using this product for 2 weeks. I’ve been using the kit for over a month now and have only see positive results, so I will continue to use it until it runs out. It’s super comforting knowing that it’s an all natural product, so I’m not ingesting any bad chemicals into my body every morning. 

I hope this review was helpful to you, and I really do recommend giving some of their products a try. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! View their website here.

XO, Outfit Crush || Mel

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