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Author: Outfit Crush

07 Jul 2017 June Favorites

Happy Summer, everyone! I’m so excited that it is officially Summer. There’s something about sunshine & cold drinks that just puts me in the best mood. I haven’t done a monthly favorites post in a while and I have been loving so many new things, so I figured I’d update you guys on my current love list.

1) Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 7 Plus Phone Case
The gold glitter and rainbow sunnies in this case make it perfect for Summer. I can’t stop flipping my phone upside down and watching it. I personally think it looks best on a rose gold iPhone.

2) Maybelline Matte Fit Me Foundation 
The fact that this foundation is drugstore and works just as well as majority of high end foundations that I’ve tried, has me completely sold! It is 1/5 the price of my average high end foundation and basically does the same thing. It keeps my skin nice and matte all day, doesn’t break apart or separate on my skin, AND doesn’t break me out. You can find this guy at your local grocery or convenience store. (I’m in the shade “Natural Buff”)

3) Boscia Charcoal Skin Mist
I have pretty oily skin year round, but especially in the summertime. This skin mist has white charcoal in it, so it instantly absorbs excess oil on your face and makes your makeup matte all day long. I definitely notice a difference in my skin for the day if I skip this in my daily makeup routine!

4) Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
After using the boscia skin mist, I always follow up with the transluscent powder to keep everything in place. It also helps with mattifying your skin and keeps makeup in place all day without any flash back from pictures.

5) Sun Bum SPF lip balm in “Watermelon”

For whatever reason, my lips always seem to get sun burnt before anything else, and let me tell you it is not pleasant. I first bought the Banana flavor in this lip balm, but lost it (like I do 50% of my lip balms) and decided to replace it with a new flavor when I was on vacation. I had already received a sun burn on my lips, but this instantly soothed and took the redness away. It also prevented my lips from getting anymore burnt for the rest of vacation. I would highly highly recommend checking out this brand as a whole. They make great sun protection products.

6) Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in “Bombshell”

I’ll always stay true to a nude lip before I’ll venture out into the purples or pinks. That being said, I consider myself pretty picky with nude lipsticks. Sometimes they’re too light for me, or too dark, or too cool toned. I honestly borrowed this shade from my little sister after I saw her wearing it and instantly fell in love. If you have an olive complexion with yellow undertones like I do, this nude liquid lip is going to look BOMB on you. I have already ordered a new one because I can’t see myself wearing any other lip color for a long time!

Shop all the items mentioned above HERE:


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XO, Outfit Crush // Mel

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24 Jun Summer Stripes & SheIn

Outfit Crushes: striped top – SheIn, shorts – (fab’rik) Sadie & Sage, sunnies – fab’rik.

Happy Summer, everyone! Super excited to be working with SheIn for another year now. They always have super trendy pieces for a very reasonable price. Bri & I have featured countless looks from them and you guys always seem to love the stuff on their website even more. This striped top is from shein.com. I love the large eyelets on the back of the neckline with the lace up detailing. I decided to keep it simple with a pair of black shorts from Sadie & Sage— their website is launching soon and I am beyond excited to shop more of their items! For now, I get all my Sadie & Sage items from two boutiques: fab’rik Easton & Pitaya. Sunnies are also from fab’rik Easton. 

(link not currently available)

XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.


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07 Jun Vaca Chic with fab’rik

Outfit Crushes: entire look is fab’rik

If you’ve been a long time follower of ours you’ll know that another collaboration with fab’rik has been well overdue. We have been rocking fab’rik since last SUMMER ever since we discovered the brand. Thankfully, the first and only Ohio location is extremely local for Bri & I and we take full advantage of it. If you don’t find something you love online, (and you’re a 614 native) you’ll definitely have to check out the Easton location. They get new styles in multiple times a week and they only carry 6 of each item, so there’s a guarantee not everyone will have what you have. Aside from housing incredibly trendy pieces, the store owners are some of my favorite people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Talk about some selfless, welcoming, and humble human beings. If you get the opportunity to talk to the mother/daughter duo that owns the store, tell them Mel sent ya 🙂 They also post secret discounts, sales, and new products on their store Instagram page, which you can check out here @fabrikeaston

I will actually be in store THIS SATURDAY 6/10 from 2-4pm to gift a fab’rik surprise to a lucky winner in store. I’ll draw and announce the winner during the event and give tips on how to style the piece. So come on in & say hello.

Now let’s get onto the outfit!

I’m typically not a colorful person, nor a pattern person, but I honestly fell in love with this palm print romper when I saw it. I think it is the perfect piece to wear this season, whether you’re on vacation or doing fun Summer activities. The frill on the hem of the shorts makes it very feminine and flirty. The plunging neckline was a bit intimidating for me since I have a larger bust, but I decided to throw on a lacey bralette to feel a little more comfortable. This is totally up to you. There’s also a smaller button closure to cover it up completely.

Since the romper is such an incredible statement piece, I wanted to step up my accessorizing, but still keep it simple and cohesive. I decided to style it with some sparkle gold hoops, a thin gold bangle, and some KILLER nude and gold heels. If you haven’t peeped the gold heel…….. link below is all I’m saying!

Hopefully this look gave you some Summer time vaca inspiration for this year. Fab’rik has tons of super cute printed pieces if this is up your ally. As always, links to everything are down below.

To shop online click here.

XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.

clickable links:


similar heels

similar hoop earrings

gold bracelet 


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31 May Shop Tobi x Outfit Crush

Outfit Crushes: dress 1- Tobi, dress 2- Tobi 

So if you’re a loyal reader this isn’t your first time seeing Tobi. Mel and I have had the amazing opportunity to collab with Tobi, one of our favorite brands for shopping dresses and rompers. We have both been loyal Tobi customers since high school and have pretty much bought everything from casual to formal wear. Fun fact– I even styled a Tobi dress for one of my homecomings! Mel recently featured two rompers in her post “Casual Rompers & Everyday Looks” and I’m excited to share two of my favorite dresses from the website with you. 


My first pick is probably my favorite. The dress is called “Embrace the Plunge” and comes in black, olive, and rose. I am tempted to buy the other two colors because the dress is super cute and easy to style. I decided to wear my vans with because I wanted to go more casual but sandals or wedges would be another great option too. The only thing I would say about this dress is that it is probably not an ideal option if you don’t want to show cleavage (especially if you’re larger chested). The plunge dips down pretty deep, but I was fine wearing a halter bralette.


I love my second pick– the Cordelia sexy cream skater dress. It’s simple and cute, while the material makes it more of a formal dress. My friend wore this dress for a fraternity formal and I fell in love with it. When I found out Tobi still had it in stock I knew I needed to get the same one for myself even though I don’t have an event in mind to wear it to. It comes in four colors and is only $56 which makes for a pretty cheap special occasion outfit. 

Don’t worry if my picks aren’t your style, Tobi has so hundreds and hundreds of options I know you’ll fall in love with. Also GOOD NEWS– if you’re a new customer you can receive 50% off your first order! Links are below for you as always 🙂



Outfit Crush // b.e.

clickable links: 

dress 1 here

dress 2 here

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30 May Seville, Spain

Bienvenido a Espana chicas (I’m so sorry it has to be virtually)! As some of you may know, this summer I’m interning for a fashion company called BraveSoul in Madrid, Spain. That being said I work during the day Monday-Friday and have the weekends to travel. Upon request, on the travel section of our blog I’m going to take you through the cities I visit starting with my first weekend trip to Seville, Spain.

Let me just start by saying I had quite an experience trying to get to Seville. My friends and I decided to save some money and get there by taking Blah Blah Car. If you haven’t heard of the company it’s essentially very similar to Uber but for long distance trips and very cheap prices. We got a round trip ticket for about 50 Euros which is pretty insane considering we booked our trip the night before and were traveling 4 hours across the country. The company and the idea behind Blah Blah car is wonderful, but unfortunately our driver ruined our experience. He showed up to our meeting place in Madrid over three hours late and dropped us off at the wrong location at our final destination. The point being— definitely try Blah Blah car for a cheap trip while in Europe, but check the driver’s ratings before booking and make sure to communicate exactly where you’re going to the driver.

5 hours of traveling later, we finally arrived in Seville. It was absolutely well worth the wait. Seville is a gorgeous town in Southern Spain with a pretty river running through the center. I didn’t get to spend too much time in this location so I didn’t get to do all of these things but here are some suggestions:

1. Skip the bus tours, rent a bike, & ride around the city.

2. If you’re feeling adventurous take a ride in a hot air balloon. Gloobo has great ratings and offers a half day ride for 175 Euro.

3. Check out the more historical sites the city is rich with them. If you’re into that kind of thing this place is perfect for you. Alcazar of Seville is my favorite, but type in “things to do in Seville” into google and you’ll get the whole list.

4. Shop on the street “Calle Sierpes”

5. Think about doing an olive oil tour and tasting at Sierra de Arecena.

6. Walk across the main city bridge to Triana. There is a cute market to visit and you can grab a bite to eat with a pretty view of the water.

7.Hop on a boat or take a kayak out on the Guadalquivir River.

8. At night grab a drink at Bar Panoramico La Terrazzo de EME to get a beautiful view of the city and afterwards stop into the bar MKC. We had a great time there and the drinks were cheap. Once you’re at MKC you’ll be in a great area for other bars. Just a heads up to the younger readers some of the bars are 26+.


XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.


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28 May Lulu Lulu & More Lulu

Outfit Crushes: leggings- Lulu Lemon, tank- Lulu Lemon, sports bra- Avocado, water bottle- Corksicle, sneakers- Nike

Hey there! So is anyone reading this obsessed with Lulu Lemon? I’m pretty confident you are because Lulu is something no one can stay away from. Although no matter who you are, I promise there’s no chance you’re any more obsessed with this brand than I am. Yes, Lulu is made for and perfect for active wear, but I catch myself wearing it everywhere even if I’m not working out.

Reasons not to love Lulu:

1) The one and only obvious reason– it’s a bit pricy

Reasons to love Lulu & why the price is worth it:

1) Style—Let’s be real and start again with some known facts… Lulu is the best looking active wear brand out there. Don’t @ me on this one!

2) Comfort—I can personally say I’ve NEVER worn a brand more comfortable than this one. Sure all styles fit differently depending on the cut and what not, but overall I have been very impressed with the overall comfort. My favorite article from Lulu is the leggings I’m featuring here and the reason being because of how soft they are. The align pant is not only high waisted to suck the stomach in (a gift much needed), but the material is to die for. I swear I feel more naked wearing these than I actually do when I’m not wearing clothes!

3) Quality—Lulu Lemon always uses materials of high quality. Elasthanne is just one material I noticed added to many of the garments to enhance stretch. Most, if not all, of the fabrics are carefully selected to ensure breathability.

Those 3 reasons to love this brand are just the main ones, but because I can’t write forever I’ll let you decide on the rest yourself. Attached below are the items I’m wearing and some of my favorite workout gear from Lulu. Happy shopping!

(link not currently available)

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

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25 May Wear Commando x Outfit Crush

Kerry O’Brien, Commando founder and designer, states, “We want to make women look and feel fabulous. That’s why we combine luxury fabrics and flawless fits to create styles that are the foundations of a great wardrobe.” Well ladies we have to say that Commando styled us in some adorable garments and we are definitely feeling a little bit more than fabulous. 

We originally stumbled across the brand via Instagram through other influencers and celebrity pictures where @wearcommando was tagged. After checking out the website, we were super excited to work with this brand. Commando specializes in luxury undergarments. They do bras and underwear, body suits, sleepwear and lounge wear. What we love most about the products is how high quality they are. The fabrics are very comfortable and breathable, which is a deal breaker when you’re debating on splurging on luxury bras and underwear. Even the mesh cut outs and lace featured in some of their designs is very soft and flexible, so you not only look great when you’re wearing them, but you genuinely feel great too. A few of our favorite items that we tried out from the brand are the mesh panties and the lace cami.

We can honestly say we will be ordering again from them in the future because even after wearing and washing the products multiple times, the fabric still stays in mint condition and the designs stay completely intact which is very appreciated from a customer’s perspective. In terms of sizing, they have a size chart available on the website, which was very useful when ordering. We are going to link a few of our favorites down below for you guys to check out. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions before purchasing something. We’d be glad to help!

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XO, Outfit Crush // Bri & Mel 


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24 May Casual Rompers & Every Day Looks

Outfit Crushes: blush romper – Tobi, navy romper – Tobi.

Rompers are one of my all time favorite things to wear during the Summer months. Similar to dresses, they are a one step garment that looks like you put so much more effort into your outfit than you really did. When you’re in a rush, sometimes it can be time consuming to plan out an entire look. I decided to get both of these rompers because they can easily be dressed up with a pair of heels and statement bag, or dressed down with a pair of flats and some sunnies.

I chose to style up the blush with some simple black heels and gold hoop earrings. This makes it an easy day to night look. I decided to make the navy romper a lot more casual with a neutral pair of sneakers. The blue romper is definitely my favorite because of the cut out detailing in the waist. I think the simple flare at the hem of the shorts is so flattering on any size waist.

Tobi has easily become one of my new favorite online websites because of all the different styles they carry. And the website is constantly being updated so there’s always something new to choose from. I already have multiple items piled up in my shopping cart waiting to be purchased 🙂

Let me know which style is your personal favorite. I’m interested to know! #shoptobi to see how other girls are loving @shoptobi outfits. 


XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.

blush romper

similar black heels

navy romper


similar sunnies

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15 May Floral Prints & Gold Accents

Outfit Crushes: blouse – fab’rik, denim – Anthropologie, wedges – fab’rik.

The fact that I’m (FINALLY) on Summer break has me in the best mood, I swear. I have so many fun plans over the next couple months and I can’t wait to take you guys along with me. I was out and about in the Short North today, so I wanted to get a few outfit shots for you guys. It’s no surprise to see me in another off the shoulder top, I know. If you haven’t tried out this silhouette yet, you really need to because it is seriously flattering on every single body type. I am a little out of my comfort zone with this one because it is bright, flowy, and covered in floral. I think my wardrobe definitely becomes a lot more feminine in the warmer weather and this blouse is perfect for any temperature. The sleeves on it are pretty unique too, and fun sleeves are currently trending this year. I chose to style it with some solid dark denim because I seem to be only wearing light wash distressed jeans lately, so I wanted to mix it up today. 

Spring/Summer is my favorite time to accessorize with gold accents. It looks great in the sunshine and with a nice tan. I threw on some gold wedges to finish the look. You could also style this top with some layered gold bracelets and earrings. Arm cuffs are definitely going to be coming back in style soon, so that would be a fun accessory for this look as well. 

My overall opinion on floral print is that I like it, but only if it is done right. Does anyone else get what I mean here? If it is too much floral print, it can look really cheap and almost tacky or young. I’ll link some of my favorite floral tops down below for you guys to take a peek at. 

What are your Summer plans?

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XO, Outfit Crush // m.m.

my top here

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15 May Pin Stripes & Blouse Dresses

Outfit Crushes: dress- fab’rik, sunnies- gem & elli 

Good morning, gorgeous ladies! I hope your Monday isn’t too Monday-y and that you all had a wonderful weekend. 

As you all know pin stripes are timeless and always EVERYWHERE, rightfully so. Pin stripe printed pants and dress suits have been extremely popular lately and I love the look of both, but I have to say I’m an even bigger fan of pin stripes on a dress. I found this blouse t-shirt dress hanging up on the rack and immediately knew it was coming home with me before I tried it on. 

The reason I love this dress in particular is because the striped style is usually conservative, but this outfit has more of a sexy look. To me it almost looks resembles a woman wearing an oversized men’s dress shirt, but in a cute and flirty way. It’s short in the front but a few inches longer in the back. I’m a bit short so this style is long enough to be a dress on me, but if you’re a little taller another option would be styling it as a tunic. 

Clickable links are down below for you, as always!

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

clickable links: 

dress- here

sunnies- here (Use the code “OUTFITCRUSH” for 15% off)

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