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Author: Outfit Crush

04 Mar Neutral Palettes & Lightweight Layering

Outfit Crushes: casual black t shirt – Anthropologie, open blouse – Forever 21, black hat – Forever 21.

Ohio’s weather has seriously been all over the place lately, but it is giving me some hope that Spring is coming and I’m pretty excited to bust out my flowy dresses. However, today’s look was more on the neutral side with some lightweight layering. The weather has been warming up some from previous months, so I’m slowly putting my chunky sweaters and winter coats into hibernation. I’ve been switching over to light weight basics that add warmth and interesting layers, but still feel cool enough to wear outside when the sun peeks through.

I combo’d a casual black t, by Bordeaux with a grayish beige open blouse to make the finished look a bit more sophisticated looking. And of course, I added my little black hat to tie the look together. Bordeaux is one of my favorite brands to buy casual t shirts from because of how comfortable and soft they are. The fabric is a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex so it has great breath-ability. As for the hat… well if you’ve been following our blog for a bit you’ll notice my new obsession with hats, as they are definitely becoming an OC for me.

image2 2                         image1 2

Who else is excited for 2016 Spring trends?


XO // Outfit Crush  m.m.


clickable links:

black t shirt here
similar open blouse (in a different color) here
black hat here

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29 Feb Pretty Pastels & Gold Accents

Outfit Crushes: Sweater- Urban Outfitters (Silence and Noise collection), Purse- Marc Jacobs (Marc by Marc Jacobs collection), Sunnies- Ray Ban




If there’s one thing everyone knows about Ohio it would definitely be that the weather is completely and utterly unpredictable. So its February and the weather is a nice 50 to 60 degrees, what do you wear? A light weight sweater! But to make the outfit look as if it’s approaching the spring season, I wore a light pink pastel. Because the sweater is simple, I paired it with 3 layers of necklaces. I chose the necklaces to have gold accent to match my favorite aviators pictured above.

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

clickable links:

similar sweater here
aviator sunglasses here
purse here

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22 Feb Lace ups & Spring Trends

Outfit Crushes: denim button up – Forever 21, tank – Free People, Jeans – Forever21, lace up flats – Nordstrom Rack

We’ve had unbelievably nice weather in Columbus lately, so it was very necessary to ditch the winter coats and choose a light weight denim to throw on top instead. And of course, a pair of your favorite sunnies is always a good choice when there’s some sunshine out!

I chose to combo this denim button up with a faded, minimalistic tie dye tank from one of our favorite brands, Free People. Free People is one of my favorite brands to wear during warmer weather because they have more of a bohemian vibe, which is perfect for the Spring/Summer. I also chose to sport my new favorite trend– lace up flats. I picked up this neutral grey pair from Nordstrom Rack for only $20. Obviously you see why I couldn’t pass them up, right? The simple lace up detailing makes the flat look more sophisticated and detailed in comparison to a regular ballerina flat, which is why its a new OC for me!


Stay warm in these last few weeks of winter & get ready for Spring,


XO // Outfit Crush  m.m

clickable links:

lace up flats here
similar denim button up here
similar tank here

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14 Feb The Beauty Box

Just recently I have made one of my hobbies trying to find local businesses I love— in order to support small business growth and motivated entrepreneurs in my home town. “The Beauty Box” is one of my new favorites.

Just this January, AnnaMarie Cua opened up “The Beauty Box” on Parsons Avenue. AnnaMarie, the owner and head stylist of the salon, seems to have done it all in the last 14 years. Before opening her shop on the outskirts of German Village, Anna specialized in bridal hair and exotic makeup on the beautiful island of Maui. She has participated in an extensive amount of shows and print advertisements and has been featured in four magazines thus far. Her length of experience and wide range of expertise allows me to feel comfortable receiving any of the services she offers.

“The Beauty Box” offers almost anything you could imagine—hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc—at reasonably affordable prices. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I go there when there are hundreds of other salons around Columbus?” “What makes ‘The Beauty Box’ so special?” The answer lies in the owner and her products.

Anna is not only one of the most talented stylists I have had the privilege to visit, but she has one of the greatest personalities. Before you walk into this adorable shop you can usually hear her laugh from the outside and once you walk in she will make sure to keep you comfortable and entertained. Not only is Anna phenomenal, but so are her products. She uses organic products for all services, which are made from everything from plant food to essential oils.

Stay tuned for the best to come from “The Beauty Box”, but in the mean time make a reservation to visit.

AnnaMarie Cua. The Beauty Box. 63 Parsons Ave. 614.787.5548.

XO, Outfit Crush // b.e.

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12 Feb Valentine’s Day Colors & Fur Vests

Outfit Crushes: red v-neck – Pitaya, fur vest – Nordstrom.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so everyone knows what that means! Tons of shades of reds, pinks, and white.

If you’re unsure about what to wear for Valentine’s Day, then stick with a fun shade of red or pink. Red is my preferred hue because it’s such a bold color, so it can also help show off your inner confidence. I chose to pair a simple red v-neck with a cozy neutral vest. It makes the outfit look festive, confident, and winter wearable. You could also switch it up by changing the v-neck for a red or pink long sleeve turtle neck to add some more coverage to your look and make it more night time appropriate. 

Sending lots of love & valentines your way,

XO // Outfit Crush  m.m

clickable links:
similar vneck here
similar fur vest here



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06 Feb Have You Juiced Yet?

Have you juiced yet?

Okay, me neither.. but I decided to try it out! Native Cold pressed juice is an exclusive juice bar to Columbus, Ohio right here in the Short North. Their juice is “100% raw, organic juice. Never heated. Never pasteurized.” – (nativecoldpressed.com) I recently went into the shop due to all the rave I had been hearing about it. Healthy juice that also tastes good? I’ll admit I was a skeptic, but now I can say I will happily be returning frequently for this delicious stuff! I ordered the “Sweet Green”, which is full of pears, kale, cucumbers, bok choy, with a hint of mint. It was nothing less than amazing! You can tell that there is nothing but natural sweetness from the pears inside this drink and I could easily taste every ingredient that was mentioned. 

If you have more of a savory palette, there are tons and tons of other drink options located on their menu. And can I just say the menu and staff were adorable and super helpful? She explained the process and value of every thing on the menu to me before I made my first purchase, which was super helpful for a first time juicer. Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back & try more! Pictured above is a snap shot of their menu they have standing on the right of the walkway. Below is what myself & a friend decided to try.

image1 copy

I would highly recommend stopping by and trying some out, or giving it a peek online @ nativecoldpressed.com

With love,

XO // Outfit Crush  m.m.

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04 Feb Oversized Ponchos & Big Hats

Outfit Crushes: Oversized poncho–Hollister & big hat–Forever 21

Oversized ANYTHING is my favorite! Clothing that is supposed to look a little big is usually easier to pull off than something that fits tight to your skin and is also 10000x more comfortable. Oversized ponchos are an OC because they’re cozy, warm, and easy to style. No matter what color of poncho I wear, I usually style it with a neutral long sleeve underneath to add an extra layer. It’s definitely hard to have a favorite thing about them buttttt… if I had to choose… I would say my favorite thing about ponchos is how versatile they can be. If I’m looking for a casual look I’ll pair one with leggings and cute, comfortable flats, but if I want to get a little bit more dressed up I’ll wear a nicer style of pant and booties. And hey the hat–it just makes the outfit look a little bit more fashionable!

XO// Outfit Crush b.e.

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29 Jan Cozy Long Sleeves & Warm Vests

Outfit Crushes: Blue long sleeve – Bordeaux by Anthropologie. Leather vest – Coffee Shop. Winter is the absolute perfect time for shades of navy blue.

It’s just the right color to add some vibrancy to your look! Not to mention it is very on trend right now. I chose to pair a navy blue long sleeve with a black leather vest to add a little bit more warmth to my look.

The long sleeve shirt is from Bordeaux so the fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. I love feeling comfortable while looking stylish at the same time. I wore this outfit more on the casual side, but you could always dress it up with a staple piece necklace and pea coat when going out and about.

Hope you enjoyed this combo!

With love,

XO // Outfit Crush  m.m 

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26 Jan Fashionable Denim & Casual Beanies

Outfit Crushes: Denim—Nordstrom (The Elle Fisher Collection), Simple White V—J Crew, Beanie—Vernacular

Denim & beanies are the perfect pair. They can dress down almost anything to make a cute and casual look. I usually pair a denim long sleeve with another shirt to add style, individuality, and warmth in the winter. This layered shirt can be almost any color aside from a blue color that directly matches the denim, although I usually tend to stick to neutrals!

Aside from being cute they can both be totally affordable. Denim can be found for $20 and beanies for $10 if you know the right places to shop. Forever 21 and H&M are two good places to start, but at this time of the year you should be able to find them on clearance almost anywhere!

XO // Outfit Crush b.e.

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24 Jan Affordable Neutrals & Stylish Hats

Outfit Crushes: Hat – Forever 21.  Sunglasses – Forever 21.  White t-shirt – American Eagle.  Jacket – Target.  Black jeans – Forever 21

I never really envisioned myself as a hat wearer, but after purchasing one and trying it out, I find myself wanting to wear it all the time! It definitely felt like a bold choice when I was buying it, but now feels somewhat necessary when completing my outfit before I step outside to start my day.

It’s super fun to take a chance and add something new to your wardrobe that you normally wouldn’t dare to add. A sophisticated hat is a simple and easy touch that truly pulls any look together.

I chose to style it with a simple white tshirt, tan jacket, and black jeans. I wanted to use all neutrals for this outfit because the black hat is already such a bold feature to your look, you honestly don’t need much else!

Hope you enjoy!

XO // Outfit Crush

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